NASCAR Star Bubba Wallace Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo From Latest Post Malone Music Video Shoot: ‘Name a More Iconic Trio’

by Quentin Blount

NASCAR fans just got a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes filming of Post Malone’s new music video for the song “Motley Crew.” And it features two of the sport’s biggest stars — Denny Hamlin and Bubba Wallace.

Hamlin and Wallace are used to being around the star power of 23XI co-owner Michael Jordan, but what about the star power of Post Malone? Hamlin, a co-owner of 23XI Racing as well, and the team’s driver Wallace got some face time in with the singer, songwriter, and rapper. On Friday, Wallace posted a snap from after they had just finished up filming the music video for “Motley Crew.”

If the photos are any indication, it looks like the three stars had a blast working together. Wallace posted a behind-the-scenes snap that shows him, Hamlin, and Post Malone all hanging out. Post Malone is rocking a bright yellow firesuit with Bud Light sponsors. Hamlin is wearing a black, red, and white 23XI Racing firesuit and Wallace is in an orange and black one with Root Insurance sponsors.

“Name a more iconic trio,” Wallace captioned his most recent photo. “Unforgettable experience filming #MotleyCrew.”

NASCAR Stars Talk About Working with Post Malone

There is no doubt that filming a music video for a rap song is much different work than what your average NASCAR driver is used to doing. But Bubba Wallace says that these are the types of things that can attract new eyes to the sport.

“It was a really cool experience,” Wallace explained. “The whole thing came together pretty quick, but great opportunity and a lot of fun. These are the things that we need to continue to do to bring new eyes and fans to our sport. From meeting Post Malone, everyone involved, being in the video, seeing it all come together, whirlwind 24 hours, but awesome time.”

Denny Hamlin, on the other hand, is ready to show Post Malone and his friends around the race track. Sure, he had fun filming the music video, but he is ready to show them the ins and outs of a NASCAR race.

“The Post Malone video was a good time,” Hamlin said. “I’m a fan of Post Malone. To be able to represent NASCAR and 23XI Racing in his latest music video was great. We experienced their side of things. Now I’d love to get those guys to a race and show them around our team and the ins and outs of NASCAR. Take them around the track in one of our Camrys and let them get the true feel of our cars. It was a good day overall. Looking forward to seeing the finished video this week with everyone else.”

As for Post Malone, he simply said he had an incredible time.

“Had an incredible time shooting at Auto Club Speedway with Denny, Bubba, and everyone else that came out to party,” Malone said. “Thank you to my NASCAR family.”