NASCAR Star Denny Hamlin’s New Photos Reveal ‘Difference a Year Makes’

by Thad Mitchell

NASCAR star driver Denny Hamlin has much to be thankful for including a great career and family.

Hamlin took to social media on Wednesday to post a few pics of his young daughter, Taylor Hamlin. Judging from the photos, Taylor may just have a future in the media as she pretends to interview her father in the pic. It is an adorable portrait of the famous racer and his daughter spending some quality time together. The Instagram post got plenty of attention as well with Hamlin’s vast social media following.

“What a difference a year makes,” Hamlin says in the post’s caption space. “Tune in to @fs1 tonight.”

Hamlin’s Wednesday afternoon social media post took in more than 8,000 “likes” and dozens of comments. Many social media users took to the comments section to congratulate Hamlin on his successful racing career. Others point out that young Taylor is already taking after her father and appears to be a natural with a microphone in her hand. Taylor is donning a Fox network polo shirt while Hamlin is rocking the Nike FedEx shirt.

Denny Hamlin Finds Success on NASCAR Circuit

Hamlin, now 40-years-old, has been a major player on the NASCAR circuit for several years, driving the number 11 Toyota Camry car. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series and part-time in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Throughout his successful career, Denny Hamlin has won 44 NASCAR Cup Series races. That total includes winning the Daytona 500 on three separate occasions. He won the heavily critical NASCAR Cup Series race in 2016, 2019 and 2020. Last year, he became just the fourth driver in history to win the Daytona 500 in back-to-back years. He joins Richard Petty, Sterling Marlin and Cale Yarborough in achieving that rare accomplishment.

Taylor made news last year when she prematurely ended her father’s virtual race by accident. Hamlin was participating in the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series from his home when his screen mysteriously went blank. The culprit behind the blank screen was Taylor, who had just asked her dad to ride go-karts. The young girl accidentally turned off his screen via the remote in the middle of the race. Hamlin would finish dead last in the virtual race.

He, of course, forgave his daughter and went to win a virtual race a short time after the incident.