NASCAR: Take a Drive Down Memory Lane with Jimmie Johnson’s Best Moments

by Charles Craighill

Ahead of NASCAR great Jimmie Johnson’s retirement from full-time racing, many of his friends have shared some of his best moments. As many know, Johnson’s greatness extends beyond the track. From big wins on the race track to smiles and laughs off of it, Jimmie Johnson truly has been one of NASCAR’s favorite drivers for close to 20 years.

Jimmie Johnson’s NASCAR Accomplishments

Jimmie Johnson is one of the most accomplished and most awarded drivers in the history of the sport. He wasted no time getting to the top of the competition. In his first five years in NASCAR, Johnson recorded two second-place finishes and two fifth-place finishes in the Sprint Cup series. He also found himself at the top of the pole seven times and had 18 first-place finishes in those five years.

In his next five years, Jimmie Johnson finished the NASCAR Cup in first place for five years in a row. This incredible feat sits him on the Mount Rushmore of racing for many. In 2006, Johnson won his first Daytona 500, his first win at Talledega, and his first win at the Brickyard. He went on to win the Daytona 500 again in 2013. View all of Jimmie Johnson’s on the track greatest moments here.

Smiles and Laughs Off the Track

Over his 20 year career of NASCAR racing, Jimmie Johnson made a lot of friends. He is known to most of the drivers in NASCAR as a nice, funny, and humble friend. Despite having plenty to brag about between his seven NASCAR Cup wins and his 83 career NASCAR wins, Johnson’s humility is praised as much as his accomplishments. So is his humor.

One of Chase Elliot‘s favorite Jimmie Johnson stories comes from his first career win. At Watkins Glen, after Chase Elliot’s first career Cup Series race win, Elliot ran out of fuel on the cool-down lap. Luckily, his good friend Jimmie was there to help. Johnson ended up pushing Elliot’s car around to the finish.

There are countless stories of Jimmie Johnson’s humility and humor on and off the track. From getting stuck in Tony Stewart’s elevator, to including Clint Boyer in his Christmas card, Johnson was always the cause of a laugh. While NASCAR will be sad to see him go, everyone will cherish the great memories from Jimmie Johnson.

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