NASCAR Teases ‘Special Plans’ with Richard Petty in New Video

by Joe Rutland

NASCAR has something up its sleeve and is busy working with veteran driver-owner Richard Petty on some “special plans.” Say what?

The famed stock car driver is known as “The King” to NASCAR fans. On Thursday, NASCAR offered a teaser about what’s going down in a video. Take a look at this clip which was posted on the racing circuit’s Twitter account.

When Outsiders take a look at this video, they might observe that Petty is sitting like a king in that rocking chair. It certainly leaves room for lots of questions.

Get ready, NASCAR fans. Something is coming and Petty is in the middle of it, too.

Why do stock car racing fans call Petty “The King?” That’s a moniker connected with Elvis Presley for millions of his fans? Here’s an easy answer. Petty was the first NASCAR racer to with the Cup Series title seven times. Dale Earnhardt and Jimmie Johnson did that in their careers. Petty did it first when it was called the Winston Cup Series after Winston cigarettes.

Petty also put together 200 victories in his career and that included 27 NASCAR wins, 10 straight, in the 1967 season.

He also was part of the initial NASCAR Hall of Fame induction class in 2010. Petty’s father Lee also made a name in NASCAR racing, too, winning the NASCAR Series title three times and took the first Daytona 500 title in 1959.

So, those are some reasons Petty is nicknamed “The King” in stock car racing.

NFL Hall of Famer Will Become NASCAR Team Owner

No one can be surprised by an NFL legend would join NASCAR as a team owner. Football and stock car race fans love their sports. They are passionate about them.

Maybe who it is might surprise some, though.

Dallas Cowboys icon Emmitt Smith will join the NASCAR family as a team owner next season.

NBC Sports reported that Smith, the Hall of Fame running back and the league’s all-time leading rusher, will own a new team in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series. Smith has a Dallas connection with ties to football, too.

Smith is a partner in the new Jesse Iwuji Motorsports team. Iwuji is the son of two Nigerian immigrants who lived in Carrolton, Texas. That’s a suburb in north Dallas. Iwuji also grew up a football player, starting the sport at age 8. He even wore No. 22 to honor Smith.

As a free safety for the U.S. Naval Academy, Iwuji got his first real taste of NASCAR. The Midshipmen played in the Meineke Car Care Bowl and the team got to ride around Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C.

So, look forward to seeing Emmitt Smith as part of the Infinity Series.