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NASCAR: Time-Lapse Video Reveals How Cars Get Wrapped Prior To Race

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images

NASCAR team Roush Fenway Racing recently tweeted a time-lapse video of driver Ryan Newman’s car coming to life behind the scenes.

Many NASCAR teams use vinyl to wrap their cars since it’s more lightweight than paint and easier to update on the go. Further, the car bodies are made from a mix of carbon fiber, steel, and other composite parts that would complicate the painting process. Vinyl wraps come in unlimited colors, including holographic fluorescent, reflective, and metallic. They also protect the car from grease, dirt, chemicals and more.

“Excited to unveil the No. 6 @HyVee Ford Mustang! Watch as the team behind the scenes brings this car to life for its debut in Kansas!” the Roush Fenway Racing account tweeted on Tuesday.

The time-lapse video shows how several sheets of graphic-imprinted vinyl wrap are trimmed to fit the stock cars. The wrap is then heated and carefully placed on the car.

NASCAR fans on Twitter impressed

Fans of NASCAR on Twitter were thoroughly impressed by the video. One user couldn’t believe how fast the team wrapped Newman’s car tweeting, “Wow, these guys work FAST.”

Other fans chimed in as well.

“NOT as easy as it looks! These guys are awesome.”

“Looks slick! I love how you guys are bringing in new sponsors to the sport.”

“Love the look of the new car!! Can’t wait to see it on the track on Sunday!! Hoping @RyanJNewman can take it to victory lane!!”

“Wow! I always wondered how the paint was changed all the time. That is amazing work. Great job guys!”

Newman’s No.6 Ford Mustang will be racing at the Hollywood Casio 400 at Kansas Speedway on Sunday. He’ll be sporting his new Hy-Vee supermarket livery sponsor while there. While currently 25th in the season standings, the 42-year-old driver has been eliminated from championship contention.