NASCAR: Watch Kyle Busch Emotionally Speak on ‘Downs of Life’ After Birthday Win in Kansas

by Keeli Parkey

Sunday (May 2) was an exciting day for NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. It was also an emotional one.

On Sunday, the 36-year-old driver took home the checkered flag at the Buschy McBush Race 400 at Kansas Speedway. To make things even sweeter for him, it was his birthday. And, according to, it was his first Cup Series win of the 2021 season.

Given all this, and Busch’s recent personal challenges, it’s not surprising that he would also be feeling pretty emotional. And, his emotions came out during a post-race interview.

“Well, you talk about ups-and-downs of racing, it’s been a lot of downs of life for us,” Busch emotionally said. “I got a great opportunity and a great job, no doubt. But, struggling with the infertility and stuff like that with (my wife) Samantha.”

The No. 18 driver then shared well-wishes with his wife and son, Brexton.

“So, hey to Samantha and Brexton back home,” the NASCAR star added. “Hopefully, he won. I don’t know what the results are of Brexton’s race today.”

Kyle Busch then turned his attention back to matters in the world of NASCAR.

“But, um, just a great day to be able to put this M&M’s Mix Camry up front …,” he added. “It’s cool to get everybody back into victory lane again this early in the season; to get some of those points going our way now.”

Finally, it dawned on him that he, Kyle Busch, had just won a perfectly named NASCAR race.

“And, hopefully … well, h***, I just remembered: the Buschy McBusch race,” he said. “The Busch won it. What do you know? Right on!”

You can watch Kyle Busch talk about his NASCAR victory on Sunday below.

NASCAR Fans React to Kyle Busch’s Emotional Comments, Victory at Kansas Speedway

There were NASCAR fans who were happy to see Kyle Busch win Sunday’s Cup Series Race. And, they shared their thoughts in response to the video interview the sport shared on Twitter.

“I’m not a @KyleBusch race fan but having three daughters I know how being a father has changed me for the better, I’m a huge fan of both Him and @SamanthaBusch as a family and wish them the very best. They will stay in my family’s Thoughts and Prayers Bless Them,” one fan kindly shared.

“Not a (Kyle Busch) fan by any means but pretty cool to see after all the recent struggles. You can tell that meant a lot to him,” another said.

“Congratulations on your VICTORY @KyleBusch! God bless you and your family!” still another fan posted.