NASCAR: Why Bubba Wallace Is ‘Not a Very Optimistic Person’ About His Career in Next Few Years

by Matthew Wilson

Don’t ask NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace about his career prospects. The 23XI Racing driver isn’t one to look toward the future and what it holds. Wallace admittedly isn’t a very “optimistic person” on what the future may or may not hold.

Wallace hopes to capitalize on the present and his current NASCAR season. Right now, all eyes are on Wallace as he leads the 23XI Racing team. As the sole driver, Wallace must feel an immense amount of pressure to succeed. After all, 23XI is the new team on the block and has a lot to prove. So far, it’s been a series of downs and learning for Wallace. He’s currently ranked 21 in the standings. Meanwhile, 23XI co-owner Denny Hamlin leads the pack in the Cup Series.

“I’m not a very optimistic person,” Wallace told Pop Culture. “I live in the real moment. Looking forward, I just say focus on today and whatever tomorrow has, I’ll try to capitalize on that. Obviously, you have so many dreams and aspirations of where you want to be, but I try to manage those and not let myself get too high or too low. NASCAR has done a lot and will continue to do a lot. Hopefully, I’m a part of that.”

Bubba Wallace Discusses Team Dynamic

Of course, 23XI has graced the headlines in part because of team owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan. Wallace discussed the team dynamics between the two previously. He said Jordan has been really supportive through the season and wants to form a winning team.

“Yeah, he’s definitely been a phone call or a text away for sure,” Bubba Wallace said. “Always saying good luck or good race after, each and every race. It’s been cool to get those text messages. And it’s still surreal to see MJ is shooting me a message. Driving home is kind of surreal as well, but all in all, we’re all competitive. Myself, Denny, and MJ – we want to win. We want to grow this team to outstanding heights. And it really starts with this year and getting everything underneath us as a solid foundation.”

Meanwhile, Denny Hamlin offered his own thoughts on Wallace and his first season. He said he’s seen Wallace evolve as a driver over the course of the season. But he would like for the driver to use all of the tools at his disposal.

“You’ve got to just optimize your day. That’s something that team has not really done a great job throughout the year is finish where you’re running,” Hamlin said in an interview with Fox’s Bob Pockrass. “They’ve run inside the top 10 in three races and had a car capable of contending for a top 5, and mistakes take them out of it. I think they’ve really got to work on their execution. Bubba has to continue to evolve as a driver. Put the work in and concentrate on how he can do his job to the best of his ability. Use all of the tools that are at his disposal.”