Bubba Wallace Explains the ‘Breaking Point’ for NASCAR Drivers While Racing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace is all about spreading the good word of NASCAR. The driver broke down what drivers go through during races. Being at that “breaking point” is something that every driver knows about. Wallace is no stranger to racing on the edge of the line. He’s hit the wall a few times and knows what that cliff is.

23XI and Bubba Wallace had a block party and little meet and greet at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. During the event, sponsored by MoneyLion one of Wallace’s main sponsors, the driver talked about racing and knowing those limits while pushing them all at the same time.

“We drive on the absolute edge,” he said. “On TV you don’t see that, we make it look flawless and as effortlessly as possible. But we are on the edge. And you don’t know what your edge is until you step over it until you reach that breaking point. And it’s like, okay, what do I need to do now? … I gotta balance two sides of it.

“You have to, what I’m saying is, find that breaking point. Everybody’s different you’re going to tolerate a lot more stuff than me and vice versa. I think you have to accept that you will fail a lot and you will reach that point and it’s okay and that helps you rebuild and reshape who you are to not get to that point again.”

Of course, Wallace stayed around and talked it up with fans. It looks like it was a great time on the campus of the historically Black Methodist college.

Bubba Wallace Mingles With Fans in Texas

If there is one thing that Bubba Wallace can do, is bring a crowd out. There was quite a line to get a picture with Bubba in front of his No. 23 MoneyLion Toyota Camry TRD. Wallace has had a good run as of late including his second career win ever at Kansas Speedway. Folks couldn’t wait to talk and get autographs.

For Bubba Wallace, Texas is another chance to grab a win or another top-5 finish. The driver is fast on tracks like Texas, but there are some quirks to it. The tire strategy is going to be massive. We’ll see what the 23XI team has in store for Sunday at the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500.