Bubba Wallace Had a Front Row Seat to ‘Crazy Wreck’ During During Beef 300 at Daytona

by Jonathan Howard

Daytona is going to Daytona. Tonight, Bubba Wallace had a front-row seat to watch a wild wreck that happened on the last lap of the 300.

Wallace has been taking in the action while he waits for the Daytona 500 tomorrow. He is slotted in the front half of the field. This is a new season and a new chance for the driver to take advantage of the changes in the sport. However, while watching the 300, Wallace got a little too close to a wreck.

It’s almost like it is written up in a script every year. The Xfinity Series is getting started for the season. Great racing all night. Then, on the last lap the No.31, Myatt Snider’s car, hit the wall, caught air, flipped up, and was ripped apart. The wreck looked very violent.

And this was Bubba Wallace’s view of things right after the wreck. It looks like the cage was able to hold up against the shrapnel for the most part. Wallace and those watching seemed to avoid any trouble as well.

Now, Daytona is known for these incidents. Thankfully everyone was able to walk away and after some treatment in the tent, Snyder was released. So, good news. While these wrecks happen, it is always scary when a car gets up off the ground. At those speeds, it seems like the cars are weightless. When that happens, everyone just holds their breath and hopes for the best. Thankfully, that seems to be what happened in this case.

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Bubba Wallace and 23XI Racing Hope for Big Season

This season is bi for 23XI racing. And for Bubba Wallace. Last year, Wallace was able to earn his first win and at Talladega no less. So, this year, with new cars, a new teammate, and a fresh season, the No.23 hopes to make some noise. Team co-owner Denny Hamlin has high expectations for his drivers. Kurt Busch included. The two have their eyes on one goal and one goal only. The Cup Series Playoffs.

So, what will it take? Well, a lot of little things. Hamlin talked about inching up to the top. Those small differences make or break 15th and 16th from 17th to 20th.

“When you look at the standings for who’s a contender … you can gain a couple [of] spots a week, and on average, change your average finish from 20th to 18th, and you’re there. It’s not that much and you really won’t see that much, and yet, you’ll see a big change in the standings.”

If that is the case, then Bubba Wallace might have a huge season. He finished 21st in the Cup Series standings last year. If he can make the top-20 it will be a first for his career.