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Bubba Wallace’s Dr. Pepper scheme for Darlington will give fans a chance to win rare prize

by Jonathan Howard
Bubba Wallace Bristol Dirt intros
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

While Bubba Wallace‘s scheme isn’t exactly a throwback, the fans at Darlington are going to have a chance at winning a rare prize. Together with Dr. Pepper, 23XI Racing has put together something special for fans to get involved with on Sunday.

In case you didn’t see, Bubba Wallace’s scheme comes complete with a giant QR code on the hood of the No. 23 Toyota TRD. So, what does that have to do with anything? If you’re able to scan that QR code during the race, you will get the “world’s fastest can.

Dr. Pepper has put together 175 limited edition cans. The brand put together a special package, complete with Bubba’s signature.

So, here’s how it works. Fans will be able to scan the QR code if they can catch it as it goes speeding around The Track Too Tough to Tame. If you scan the code, you get put into a Pepper Perks, rewards program that will give you the chance to win the “world’s fastest can.”

You gotta be signed up with Pepper Perks, to begin with, but signing up is free. Check out the big prize in the images below!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Pepper/23XI Racing
Photo courtesy of Dr. Pepper/23XI Racing

So, do you think you’re fast enough to catch the 23? If you are you could be sipping on the fastest Dr. Pepper in the world!

Is Bubba Wallace picking up steam?

If you look at the beginning of the season for Bubba Wallace, things didn’t go very well. He did earn a P4 finish at Atlanta. That finish felt much better than the P4 at Kansas. If he found a groove sooner or if his car was tweaked one way or another, he could have been racing for another Kansas win.

However, Wallace fell short. Given how high his expectations were for the race, the 23XI Racing driver had a good attitude about it.

“Man, we just missed it. Temperature played a big factor for me and aero game is massive, so just trying to get out of guys’ wakes. Then top groove is dominant. So, had to fight for it. But good to come home fourth with our Dr. Pepper Toyota. Just have to keep grinding. Good points day.”

Another week in the Dr. Pepper Toyota could prove to be season-changing for Bubba Wallace. That’s getting a little too confident. Still, you can’t deny he has started to turn his season around as he fights his way into the top-16 in points. Heading to Darlington, he sits at 18th.