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Bubba Wallace’s pit crew previews the All-Star Race Pit Crew Challenge

by Jonathan Howard
Bubba Wallace pit crew
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

One of the coolest aspects of this weekend’s NASCAR All-Star Race has to be the Pit Crew Challenge. Bubba Wallace‘s team is ready. This season the No. 23 team has been one of the best crews, even if they have had some slip-ups here and there.

The Pit Crew Challenge is going to show us who has the best crew in the trenches. There are a set of rules that make it a little different than your usual pit stops during a race. It should produce some great action, though.

The best part of this challenge is that the results will set the starting order for the All-Star Race. It makes it actually matter and puts the entire team into the effort.

These pit crew teams go unnoticed a lot of times. When you hear about them, it is mostly because they made a mistake. The jack came down too soon, they fell over the wall too fast, or a wheel pops off as the driver pulls away.

On Friday, the All-Star Race is going to give us one of the coolest events NASCAR has put together. These challenges used to be fun and showed how much work went into a race and the pit stops. One mistake and your driver is asking why he’s five spots down with just one green flag run to go.

Bubba Wallace pulling double duty

On Wednesday, there were a number of NASCAR drivers hitting the North Wilkesboro track for some extra laps. Those drivers had to go up against the best late-model racers in America. It showed, too. A NASCAR driver failed to win a race that night.

Bubba Wallace decided to stay out of the late model stuff. Instead, Wallace is going to suit up once again for TRICON Garage in the No. 1 Toyota Tundra. He had a lot of fun driving last week at Darlington. Now he’ll get extra laps ahead of the All-Star Race by jumping into the Tyson 250.

Wallace and TRICON are teaming up with Pristine Auction. The truck looks great and Wallace will have a chance at a strong race.

Whatever those late-model drivers learned on Wednesday, I’m sure Bubba Wallace will learn on Saturday. North Wilkesboro Speedway is back, y’all! It really doesn’t seem real at this point, but it is!