Chase Elliott Breaks Down His Latest NASCAR Cup Series Win at the Quaker State 400 in Atlanta

by Jonathan Howard

It was just meant to be. NASCAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott added another win to his record this season in Atlanta. This was the first time that the Georgia native was able to get it done in front of his home crowd and the fans gave him all the support he could need. This one wasn’t without its drama and antics. However, that was all in Elliott’s rearview mirror.

Even with the trouble that Ross Chastain was causing on the track, Elliott kept his wheels on the track and kept it moving. When he was challenged by Corey LaJoie and Martin Truex Jr., the No. 9 driver didn’t sweat it. From the start of the race, the pole position was Elliott’s and he wouldn’t give it up easily.

He led for 96 laps today, which was more than enough to get the job done. Here’s what he had to say after the race was over.

“You know, I didn’t want to really give him the bottom,” he said after the race. “And I tried to give one good aggressive block, and I felt I had enough room to get a second one. He was just right there on the right side of my back bumper, so it was far enough to the backside of the bumper to launch me forward. I hate it tore up some cars, but I don’t know what you do. You either go for the win or you don’t. I’m gonna choose option A every day of the week.”

It stinks that LaJoie was wrecked along with other drivers at the end of the race. However, that’s the sport. And, it doesn’t seem like there was much animosity between LaJoie and Elliott. Corey even came up to congratulate Chase after the race.

Chase Elliott Wows the Hometown Crowd

So, after each win that Chase Elliott earns, Dawsonville, Georgia celebrates. The Dawsonville Pool Room is the best place to watch Elliott race outside of live at the track. His wins mean one thing — that siren is going to go off. Just listen to it below, and be careful. This thing is loud. It’s another win for the No. 9 and the party is on in Dawsonville.

With a community like that cheering him on, how could he lose? Not to mention, Elliott had the entire fanbase at the track to cheer him on. Every time he came around to the grandstand, it was a roar almost as loud as the action on the track. It was a great race, and it is a continuation of the great racing that he’s been doing the last month or so.

With two wins in three races and holding the points standings lead, is there anything stopping Chase Elliott? If you are going to have a hot streak during the season, the second half is a great time to do it. As he and his team come into postseason form, other drivers will have to do some work to catch up.