Chase Elliott Doesn’t Believe NASCAR’s Schedule Should Compete with NFL Season

by Dustin Schutte

When it comes to NASCAR’s race schedule, Chase Elliott would like to see things a little more condensed. In particular, the 2020 Cup Series champion doesn’t believe the sport should be competing with the NFL in the fall.

Last week, NASCAR released its race schedule for the 2023 season. Elliott had a few words for it in a social media post, saying, “Less = More.” The driver of the No. 9 car doesn’t believe going late into the autumn months benefits the sport.

“I don’t think it matters how many races we have, but I don’t see any reason in competing against NFL football when that starts,” Elliott said, per Yahoo Sports. “In my opinion, that’s not a battle we’re ever going to win. I think we should be smart about that.”

Based on NASCAR’s 2023 schedule, the regular season will run through Aug. 26 at Daytona. The playoffs the stretch from Sept. 3 through Nov. 5. Elliott believes condensing the schedule would allow the league to capitalize on television ratings and generate more fan interest.

“I’m a firm believer that less is more, in the sense of the timing of a schedule and when we could end our season to make the most for TV ratings and things of that nature,” Elliott said. “I think we could do better, personally.”

The NFL continues to be the most popular sport in the country. Elliott makes a good point by wanting to have as little overlap as possible between the two leagues during the fall months.

Chase Elliott Wants More Night Races

Condensing NASCAR’s schedule isn’t the only point Chase Elliott made when talking about the 2023 season. He also wants to see more races under the lights.

Elliott’s main points with driving under the lights? First, he believes it relieves the fans of sitting in hot and humid environments during the summer months. Second, the driver of the No. 9 car says it creates an awesome environment.

“There are a lot of Sunday afternoons that we spend in some really hot environments, which is fine,” Elliott said. “I’m good with that. But if I was a fan sitting in the bleachers, I wouldn’t be. For three and a half hours in August, I would much rather do it at night and enjoy a night race. The environment is really neat.”

NASCAR doesn’t need to make a change for everything Elliott suggests but he does make some valid points. Maybe it’s too late for the 2023 season, but if the former Cup Series champion gets some backing from other drivers, perhaps some schedule alterations will be made in the future.