Corey LaJoie Says Bubba Wallace Suspension ‘Justified’ By NASCAR

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Each week Corey LaJoie talks to NASCAR fans via his Stacking Pennies podcast. This week, Bubba Wallace’s suspension news broke as they were recording. That let us get a good reaction as the crew on the podcast reacted to the news.

As he heard the news, you could tell that LaJoie wasn’t surprised. Bubba Wallace seemed to have intentionally taken Kyle Larson out in retaliation. That’s a no-no. Especially when you’re going 150+ MPH. LaJoie’s insight is great, he has moved up with these guys through the years. They all understand one another professionally and personally in many cases.

Wallace’s suspension makes sense to the Spire Motorsports driver.

“Hate to see it… But it’s justified. We saw a suspension for Matt Kenseth for wrecking Joey Logano at Martinsville. We saw very similar penalties for similar actions, and I don’t believe Bubba Wallace is going to do that again,” LaJoie said.

“There’s like an embarrassment factor,” LaJoie continued. “There’s like seeing someone dance with your girlfriend at the 8th-grade dance… for something that you had full well control over that you got penalized for. So it’s going to be tough for Bubba to watch, it really is. I think he’s going to learn from it, grow from it. But the penalty fits the crime.”

Bubba Wallace Replaced by John Hunter Nemechek

The driver that is going to fill in for Bubba Wallace is John Hunter Nemechek. Like Wallace, Nemechek has found a lot of success in the Truck Series. He spent the 2020 season in the Cup Series and performed somewhat well given the equipment he was in.

LaJoie predicted that JHN would be the replacement. He ran practice laps with 23XI Racing. So, he actually has seat time not just in the Next Gen equipment, but also at Homestead-Miami. When he lines up on Sunday, Nemechek will have a good foundation under him.

Bubba Wallace is sitting for Homestead-Miami, let’s see how his replacement performs.