Dale Earnhardt Jr. Details Week Full of Wildlife, Twitter Raises Him With Wild Photos

by Jonathan Howard

Nowadays, Dale Earnhardt Jr. spends more time surrounded by trees and critters than he does on asphalt. Like, a lot of critters. Of course, the NASCAR Hall of Famer is active on Twitter. Giving small updates here and there and quipping on different stories from his life. The driver went through a shortlist of the animals that came by his front porch in just the last three days.

Earnhardt has a big piece of land in North Carolina, fit with a badass treehouse. So, it isn’t strange to see animals out and about. Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

Just to recount all of that, a snakeskin was shed on his back porch, a black snake on his front porch, a bat on his patio, and then a porcupine wandering around. While it isn’t wild to see animals in the wild, those are some pretty good sightings for anyone. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If Dale Jr. is getting some joy from his sightings, that’s all that matters. I’ve gawked at a hawk before, I’m not one to judge.

Once he posted the tweet, it was game on for fans in the replies to bring up their experiences. There were a lot of good ones throughout the Dale Earnhardt Jr. thread. From pigs to snakes, bears, deer, turkey, and more. This is a big country we live in and a whole lot of people see a whole lot of wild animals out and about.

This fan can keep their snakes to themselves. Even if they are coachwhip snakes that eat venomous snakes. These two long and intimidating reptiles and just stay put where they are… keep up the good work though!

Or how about this bear looking to sneak an egg… or a hen?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Throwback Coming to Darlington

This weekend at Darlington, it’s going to look like Dale Earnhardt Jr. circa 1998 is on the track. That’s because this week is the throwback race sponsored by Goodyear. The race is back for another year and there have been so many awesome paint schemes revealed. While some of the designs do as good of a job as possible to make it look as close as possible to the real thing, due to sponsors and things it doesn’t always turn out right.

However, these Coca-Cola throwbacks, honoring Dale Jr. and Sr. are just too good. They are about as accurate as throwbacks get in NASCAR.

If the polar bear is going to be on that track, then I’m watching every second. Especially because Ross Chastain has won two races this year and has had seven top-5 finishes. That’s enough to get me hyped up and on the bandwagon, especially when you add in these throwback designs. Seriously, they are awesome. Even the red car with just the bottle cap design is amazing.

So, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be on the track without being on the track. It’s only right that it’s this iconic design.