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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Enters the IceBreaker at Florence Motor Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
Dale Earnhardt Jr. before late model race
(Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

You can always count on Dale Earnhardt Jr. to go back to the short tracks and grassroots racing. He’s signed up for the IceBreaker at Florence Motor Speedway. It’s basically been 30 years since Dale Jr. has been hitting up this February race.

Of course, it just seems that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is doing all of the side quests that NASCAR and stock car racing have to offer. With his recent purchase, along with a group of NASCAR icons, of the CARS Tour, it is no surprise to see him sign up for the IceBreaker.

To put it simply, Dale loves late models and short asphalt tracks. He is ready to line up and represent Mom ‘N’ Pop’s as well as his primary sponsor. That’s right, we’re going to get to see Earnhardt in a nice throwback scheme.

If you’re the kind of fan that needs a new shirt whenever a driver puts out new merch, well they’ve got you covered at JR Motorsports. You already know that there are some selections for this year’s IceBreaker race.

Oh, and this isn’t the only race we have to look forward to on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s schedule in 2023. We might see him a few times.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Committed to Xfinity Series Race at Bristol

If you’re going to catch Dale Earnhardt Jr. out on a track, it’s not going to be longer than a mile, at most. He’s keeping things on the small tracks and giving back to grassroots racing. But you know what else Dale loves? The Xfinity Series.

He fell in love with the series when it was the Busch Series and he was winning races and championships. Since he retired, he has shown so much love to the “second-tier” series. This is why we’re going to see Earnhardt Jr. line up for the Xfinity race at Bristol this season.

The best part, he’ll have a special Hellman’s scheme just for this race. What more can you say about Dale Jr. that hasn’t been said before? The Hall of Famer loves the sport, it’s in his DNA.

The more we get to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. behind the wheel of a car, the better. I don’t care if it’s Florence Motor Speedway, Bristol, or wherever he goes. A true legend and ambassador of the sport.