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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Feels ‘No Lasting Effects’ on His Health From Injury-Ridden NASCAR Career

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Matt Sullivan/NASCAR via Getty Images)

Depending on who you ask, especially if it’s Marty Smith, Dale Earnhardt Jr. put NASCAR on his back during his career. Carried the torch.

Now that Dale Jr. is retired and in the Hall of Fame at just 47 years old, he is taking time to do other things. That included putting out his memoir back in 2018. His story is one that many times went on without comment. He struggled through injuries in the public. However, the extent of those injuries is astounding looking back.

While speaking with PEOPLE Earnhardt Jr. talked about those injuries. The good news? “No lasting effects,” according to the driver. After somewhere between 20 to 25 concussions and other injuries he suffered in the race car, that’s amazing news. “I feel pretty good about where I’m at personally and health-wise.”

If you’re a fan of not just Dale Earnhardt Jr., but the sport of NASCAR, then that’s such good news to hear. He is one of the most recognizable and public faces ever. After his father’s death in 2001, he made sure to pick up the torch and not let it burn out. Everyone turned to him and he said, “let’s race.” The rest is history.

“I had a great experience with the doctors in Pittsburgh and [Professor] Micky Collins,” Dale Jr. said. “Who I worked with to get right and get healthy and we wrote a book about all that.”

“And trying to lead other people to reach out to Micky and get the right help that they need to be able to improve their quality of life,” the driver continued. What a great mission that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has in mind. He has other ventures going on right now as well.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gets Into Vodka Game

Now, as a NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. would never drink and drive. No one should. But, the Hall of Famer is getting into the alcohol business. He and his wife Amy have worked together to put out High Rock vodka. It debuted last month and it’s something they are both very excited about.

Sugarlands, the company that produces the vodka isn’t just a partner either. This is something that Earnhardt Jr. endorses and has an ownership stake in. So, it’s pretty serious for the NASCAR Hall of Famer. It came down to the couple just enjoying the products that Sugarlands was putting out. They just had to get involved, and now they are. Who doesn’t have a brand of alcohol these days?

So, next time you find yourself at the book store, maybe pick up Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s memoir. Or, if you’re at the liquor store grab a bottle of High Rock. And don’t worry, it’s 88 proof, just like you’d expect it to be.