Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is One ‘Lucky Guy’ This Valentine’s Day

by Jonathan Howard

It looks like Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows how to get some brownie points from the wife. A Valentine’s Day post on Instagram for thousands to see!

As a NASCAR legend, Dale Jr. knows his way around a track. However, since 2016, Earnhardt has been driving around the track of love. New Year’s Eve 2016 is when the couple tied the knot. Amy Reimann, a graduate of the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!) lived quite a life before meeting her current husband. And, it was her job that brought them together.

After more than six years of marriage and 13 years as a couple, these two know how to make it work it seems. So, check out the post from Dale Earnhardt Jr., and see for yourself. He sure knows how to pick a flattering photo, that’s for sure!

“Happy [Valentine’s] Day. I’m a lucky guy. Surrounded by love everyday all because of her,” the NASCAR Hall of Famer wrote. A fan was quick to reply, “I don’t know how you did it. You married up Jr.,” which is the best comment for sure.

At one point in time, Reimann was a former cheerleader and dancer married to a Wildcat football player. However, that didn’t last long. After moving to North Carolina and starting a career as an interior designer, that’s when she met Dale Earnhardt Jr. The driver had hired her and the two hit it off almost immediately. Although they kept things on the down-low for a couple of years, it wasn’t long before they were seen all over the place together. More than a decade later and two kids later, they are still together and going strong.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hitting the Gym in Retirement

Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t exactly known as a pillar of strength. However, that could all change. It seems that the former NASCAR driver is in the gym and getting in shape. Maybe he was just trying to get in shape for Valentine’s Day dinner tonight? While Dale ran around Los Angeles before the Super Bowl, he stopped by the outdoor Venice Beach gym.

When you step into that gym, it means you are claiming to know what the hell you are doing. Clearly, Dale knew what he was doing. He had one shot to make himself look good on national TV. So, he got on that bench and put up one rep of 315 like it was just a bar. Now, he may have had an assist from his spotters, but it’s hard to tell.

Clearly, Amy didn’t marry Dale Earnhardt Jr for his muscles. The two seem like a great couple and are surely having a wonderful Valentine’s Day