Dale Earnhardt Jr. Recalls Randomly Bumping Into, Having a Cold One With George Strait

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR and country music? You know it, Outsiders, they just go together. And honestly, name a better duo than Dale Earnhardt Jr. and George Strait. We’ll wait.

One of the best things about going to a bar is that you never know who you might run into, particularly if it’s a bar in a popular vacation spot like Key West. When Dale Earnhardt Jr got separated from his wife in Key West, he thought he was suffering from bad luck, especially when he realized his phone was dead. In reality, however, the NASCAR superstar was about to have one of the coolest nights of his life.

Giving up on the wife search, Earnhardt Jr. and his friend Billy ducked into a dockside bar called Schooner Wharf to grab a few drinks. It was in the “last little piece of Old Key West” that they ran into none other than country music icon George Strait.

In a recent Dale Jr. Download podcast episode, Earnhardt gave all the details about the chance encounter. “Right there sits George Strait, having a drink,” Earnhardt begins. “And so I told Billy, I said ‘Man… I know he hunted with dad, I know he knows dad.’ And as we’re kind of having that conversation, he looks over and his son’s with him, and his son walks over and says, ‘Hey, dad would like to have a drink, hang out.'”

Turn down a drink with George Strait? Never. Dale Earnhardt Jr jumped at the chance to sit with one of his favorite musicians. “And I was like, ‘Of course, you dang right,'” Earnhardt recalled. “So we sit down with George, we took a picture, we talked, he told me about hunting with dad, and we had a beer.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Wife Misses George Strait Meet-Up

Not only is Dale Earnhardt Jr a huge George Strait fan, but his wife Amy is as well. So, being the stellar husband that he is, Dale asked Strait’s son Bubba if he and Billy could have a picture to send to their respective wives. Bubba Strait, of course, kindly agreed.

“So we send them the picture on his phone,” Earnhardt said. “We’re like ‘Man, we ain’t got our phones, they’re at home, we gotta find our family, if we could use your phone we’ll send this picture that we just took of George Strait and us to them.'”

A few minutes later, however, George Strait was ready to leave… Moments before Amy Earnhardt and the rest of their crew made it to Schooner Wharf. Bravely, Dale broke the bad news to his wife, who promptly blamed him for not holding George Strait hostage until she could get there.

But, as we’ve established, Dale Earnhardt Jr is nothing if not a doting husband. So, to make up for his mistake in Key West, he took Amy to RodeoHouston to see George Strait in concert.

And, hilariously, she once again did not meet George Strait.