Dale Earnhardt Stuns in the ‘Only Shorts’ He Ever Owned at the 1981 NASCAR Tipoff Basketball Classic: PHOTO

by Joe Rutland
(BRIAN CLEARY/AFP via Getty Images)

NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt was known to be a flashy dresser when getting behind the wheel. But shorts? Whoa boy. We didn’t expect to see “The Intimidator” wearing these bad boys. This photo was too good to pass up, though, and harkens back to a time where short shorts were the in thing. Funny, though, that the folks over at The Dale Earnhardt Archive offered up some sweet tidbits about this pic of the NASCAR driver.

Picture of NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Wearing Shorts Draws Comments

A couple of Dale Earnhardt fans that see the NASCAR driver wearing shorts dropped some clever thoughts about this picture. One writes: “He didn’t foul you, son. He rubbed you. And rubbin’ is basketball.” The comment draws a connection with a line from the famed racing movie Days of Thunder. Another one says: “Bet he could really shoot the ‘3’ ball. Lol.” It’s a reference to the No. 3 car that he drove forever in his career.

Memories of Dale Earnhardt are still held tightly by NASCAR fans. A whole generation grew up watching him absolutely own tracks all over the United States. His son Dale Earnhardt Jr. has done his daddy proud throughout his career and life, too.

A lot of you NASCAR fans know him from the sweet No. 3 car design that roared to life. Well, it all came together in 1988. Those fans from back in the day know that Earnhardt had a yellow-and-blue paint scheme on his car. They were his go-to colors.

Sponsor Change Proved To Be Powerful For His Long Career

Then, he got a new sponsor in Goodwrench. That changed a lot. His new black paint scheme worked well in many ways. It helped him brand things out differently. Imagine being known as “The Intimidator” and driving a car with that design.

He made it work. Intimidation and being competitive were cornerstones of the Dale Earnhardt that people knew and loved. So, what happened in 1988? He finished second to Rusty Wallace in the NASCAR Cup championship.

Sometimes, it’s good to remember some of the things that he said. Memorable quotes from him still stand the test of time after all these years. For instance, Dale Earnhardt said, “You’ve got to be closer to the edge than ever to win. That means sometimes you go over the edge, and I don’t mean driving, either.” Another gem from him: “I’ve had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place.” Here is one more for the road from “The Intimidator” himself: “The atmosphere seems to change once the sun goes down and the race fans get to watch a good show.”