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Denny Hamlin Breaks Down 2023 NASCAR Plans For Kurt Busch

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

The NASCAR world has descended on Nashville for the 2022 NASCAR Awards. Denny Hamlin had a Kurt Busch update. Well, he at least laid the groundwork for what their plans are moving forward. It is all about safety and health first and foremost.

No one liked seeing Busch on the sidelines this year. After that wreck at Pocono, his season was derailed and he never made it back to the track. Then the news came out that he would step away from full-time racing and take a new role with the 23XI Racing team.

While in Nashville, Denny Hamlin talked about the Kurt Busch situation with Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports.

“Yeah we just wanna get him cleared first and then let him decide whatever he wants to do. But certainly, yeah, there will always be an opportunity for a car for him whenever he wants,” Hamlin explained.

No word on exactly when and where Kurt will race. However, it looks like the plans they had at the end of the season are still in place. If and when Busch is able to get back into a car and wants to race, he will be able to. Right now, the team is in the offseason and Hamlin wants to give his group a break.

Denny Hamlin Explains Offseason Plans For 23XI

As a driver-owner in NASCAR, Denny Hamlin has a lot to consider, and it isn’t just about Kurt Busch and his future. That is a big piece moving forward. However, he still has an entire organization to help run. With the season spanning from February to November, there isn’t a lot of time off.

Hamlin wants his team to just enjoy the holidays and not worry about testing cars or other stressors too early in the offseason.

“Well I think it’s good to give these teams and drivers a break, it is a long offseason. Typically, we do have some testing to work on new aero packages or whatever. But that does still put a strain on the team during holiday time and everything. So, you gotta, it’s a tough balance but I think that having it this way where you’re giving people truly some time off, is good.”

Once the new year comes around, the new season will practically be around the corner. However, tonight NASCAR will celebrate 2022, the champions, and other great awards.