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Denny Hamlin Calls Out Chase Briscoe For Having ‘No Regard’ For Other Drivers During Races

by Jonathan Howard
Denny Hamlin talks to media
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Well, two weeks into Denny Hamlin‘s new Actions Detrimental podcast and he’s already calling out other NASCAR drivers. I love it! Hamlin is going to use this new platform to let folks know how he feels. That includes Chase Briscoe, a driver he’s already had run-ins with in the past.

I think we can officially say now that Denny Hamlin and Chase Briscoe aren’t friends. They might be able to get along at the track if they have to, but there’s no friendship there it seems.

After the off week in between the Busch Light Clash and Dayton 500, Hamlin watched tape of the exhibition race. It was enough to make him change his mind, saying officials should have flagged drivers early on to stop “egregious” wrecking.

However, there was one driver that Denny Hamlin noticed specifically.

“You can tell, from NASCAR, some of those wrecks – you can tell when someone’s egregious … I watched the 14 [Chase Briscoe], I’m not shi**ing you. I watched him just like drive in and make no attempt to even make the corner multiple times,” Hamlin said. He went on, “I saw this, by the way, at the Indy road course as well. There’s something that Chase is doing that he’s just giving no regard to like, anybody that’s in front of him and he’s just saying ‘F*** you,’ and ‘F*** the consequences.’

“That just kind of rubs me a little bit wrong and I’m just like, man, they need to just stop that bulls*** first, and if they can do that then, I think the rest of these events don’t happen, you have a much cleaner race.”

Could we see more confrontations between Briscoe and Hamlin this season?

Denny Hamlin Has Disappointing Qualifying Round at Daytona

As for the action on the track this week, Denny Hamlin had a mixed bag. There’s this thing about Hamlin being a driver and an owner where he could have all kinds of outcomes that influence his NASCAR weekend.

For Hamlin, it was personally not a great night of qualifying. He was slow, but so were most of the Toyotas outside of Bubba Wallace.

However, Travis Pastrana qualified for the Daytona 500 in the No. 67 car. This third part-time team for 23XI Racing is starting off strong. Hamlin was really happy to see his team have all three cars in the big race.

While Wallace and Tyler Reddick will join Denny Hamlin in the Duels, battling for starting position, Pastrana will chill. All that the action sports star needs to worry about is keeping his clean and damage free.

Let’s see if Hamlin gets himself into any more rivalries as the 2023 season kicks off. I’m sure he’ll have some great things to say come next week on Actions Detrimental.