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Denny Hamlin downplays new moonshine still trophy, disses Martinsville grandfather clocks

by Jonathan Howard
Denny Hamlin waits during practice at Las Vegas
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Well just when NASCAR folks were having fun, Denny “Downer” Hamlin had to come around and rain on everyone’s parade. North Wilkesboro unveiled the new All-Star Race trophy, a miniature replica of a copper moonshine still, but Hamlin doesn’t get all the hype.

Instead of waiting for the next episode of his podcast, Denny Hamlin weighed in on the new All-Star trophy on Twitter. Hamlin is fresh off his win at Kansas and probably feels himself a little bit right now.

Just when you think everyone is in agreement about something, Hamlin has an opinion to prove that wrong. It wasn’t just the new trophy that took a shot from Denny, even the Martinsville grandfather clock caught a stray.

“Oh man I’m about to get dragged,” Hamlin tweeted. “Totally unpopular opinion incoming. Is this a trophy or a piece of art? Does it say winner anywhere on it? Date? I love cool unique trophies but feel like they should look like trophies.

“Now for my kill shot. Martinsville clock isn’t that prestigious to me. Why? You can buy one from the store right down the road. Only 2 of my clocks actually have any writing on them saying signifying they were ‘won.’ It’s just a clock that families of means owned about 40 years ago. Feel free to drag me below.”

I’ll say it… Maybe the Martinsville clock isn’t that prestigious to Denny Hamlin because the man has FIVE of them. While he hasn’t won there since 2015, I think he’s had his fair share.

The trophy does have a plaque on it saying “NASCAR All-Star Race North Wilkesboro Speedway 2023.” And what is a trophy besides an art piece, ultimately? Look, if Denny doesn’t want this trophy, I think there are plenty of others that will gladly accept.

Besides, Hamlin can afford to put a little plaque of his own on there saying “Denny is #1” if he feels like it.

Denny Hamlin says he will gladly drink from moonshine still trophy

While there was a lot said about how a trophy should be a trophy and this and that – he is a man that understands himself. Denny Hamlin knows full well that if he goes out there and wins at North Wilkesboro, he’ll gladly accept the moonshine still trophy.

In fact, Hamlin had to set the record straight. “Now let the record show… If I win it, I’m drinking out of it,” Hamlin followed up.

I’m not sure how he is going to drink from the thing, but he will find a way to do it, I’m sure. The replica still is a pretty trophy and will look great somewhere in a house or garage.

NASCAR drivers admit full well that some trophies mean more than others. Jeff Gordon personally loves the Kansas Speedway trophy. While this one won’t end up on Denny Hamlin’s top-5 list, I’m sure he will try his damndest to win the unique award.