Denny Hamlin Gives NASCAR Fans a Master Lesson on Martinsville Tests

by Jonathan Howard

Every now and then, Denny Hamlin gives NASCAR fans a big knowledge drop. Tuesday, it was about the Martinsville tests. Just to make sure that the Next Gen car is performing as well as possible and as competitive as possible. While the new car has leveled the playing field, there are still some adjustments to be made.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver went through the trouble of putting out a whole thread explaining exactly what they are trying to do at Martinsville. It’s to help get the short track racing just right. Part of that has to do with how much the tire wears down. Without as much horsepower in the cars this season, the tires don’t wear down as much. There are fewer RPMs as well.

Denny Hamlin Gives a Twitter Lesson

Don’t let me explain it too much, here is Denny Hamlin breaking it all down.

So, in other words, there is a lot of consistency with this Next Gen car on short tracks. The only issue with consistency is that it can cause the tires not to wear down and lap variation isn’t all that different. So, the fastest and slowest laps for each driver aren’t as varied as they used to be.

Getting that variation time up to the 1.5-second mark would be ideal to allow for passing, better racing, and a better overall product. Working on these tests now is going to let us have an even better NASCAR Cup Series season in 2023.

NASCAR Finishes the Regular Season

Just a brief stop at Martinsville this week before heading out to Daytona for a lot of these Cup Series drivers. Denny Hamlin and others are going to be invaluable in getting these Next Gen cars right where they need to be. As a driver and team owner now, he’s seemed to change demeanor a bit.

One thing that hasn’t change is how determined he is to claim that elusive title. Heading into the regular season finale, Hamlin is among one of the handful of favorites. Only Chase Elliott, the regular season champion has better odds. There was a bit of drama last week with the Hendrick Motorsports team and the finish at the end of The Glen.

However, it seems that things have been talked over and everyone involved is moving on.

Heading into the Coke Zero Sugar 400 at Daytona, Denny Hamlin will be competing for a win/ He wants those playoff points, and with one race already taken from him at Pocono, another W would make things feel a lot better, I’m sure.

It’s Daytona. Almost anything could happen. Let’s see if this season can shock us one more time before the postseason.