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Denny Hamlin Isn’t a Fan of NASCAR Selling Off Land Around Auto Club Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
Denny Hamlin looks on at Texas
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

While there were rumors, it now appears to be real. NASCAR has reached a deal around Auto Club Speedway and Denny Hamlin has thoughts. This year is likely the last time that we will see a two-mile track in the Cup Series. And after this, the speedway might be turned into a short track, but no plans are set for that as of now.

Adam Stern with Sports Business Journal broke the news along with David Broughton. Public records show that NASCAR has reached a deal although the buyer is unknown at this time.

A deed filed in San Bernardino County, California shows that a deal with reached with Speedway SBC Development LLC. That group, according to Stern, is associated with a real estate developer called Hillwood, which is a partner of NASCAR.

Hillwood is expected to be managing the deal on NASCAR’s behalf and will facilitate the sale of more than 430 acres of the 522 total acreages.

As far as Denny Hamlin is concerned, this is bad news. He didn’t go in-depth but used one of his favorite racing terms – “Actions Detrimental” Hamlin said of the move on Twitter.

So, Denny Hamlin isn’t a fan. We know that much. Of course, a lot of drivers are going to hate this move. Fontana is a racer’s track. It’s rough, and worn in, there are grooves to race, and if you don’t know what you’re doing – there goes your tires.

Even if NASCAR is able to put a short track on the remaining 90-ish acres after this sale, will it work long-term? How long before people complain about the noise from a half-mile track in the hills just outside of Los Angeles?

Denny Hamlin knows this is his last time to add this race to his resume.

Denny Hamlin Knows This is His Last Shot at Fontana

No matter what happens with the land after this deal, the two-mile track at Fontana is going away. No more California/Auto Club Speedway. So, there’s a bit of a melancholy feel to it all. Hamlin had some thoughts on the last race coming up for the beloved track.

Denny Hamlin has won at just about every track you can think of. But not here.

“[Auto Club] is really high on my list for this year because it’s a place I haven’t won at in my career and most likely being the last time on this configuration would make it that much more special,” Hamlin said. “Plus, it’s got a great trophy I’d love to add to my collection.”

The good news for Denny Hamlin is that Vegas seems to believe in him. He’s only behind Kyle Larson in the odds heading into the weekend. At 9-1 odds, Hamlin is someone that has always competed hard at this track. He’s finished everywhere except P1.

Is this his weekend?