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Denny Hamlin Needed Oxygen on the Plane Ride Back Home After Busch Light Clash

by Jonathan Howard
Denny Hamlin speaks to media
(Photo by Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A new NASCAR season and there might be the same old problems. Denny Hamlin talked about feeling sick after the Clash. On his plane ride back, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver did not feel too well and had a rough night.

While talking on the first episode of his new Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin podcast, the driver talked about the Busch Light Clash. It was fun and there was a lot of frustration. But the big news is Hamlin felt bad after the race.

Those bumper tags still hurt despite the safety changes NASCAR has made. This kinda echoes the same sentiment Denny Hamlin’s 23XI Racing driver Bubba Wallace had about the contact on the track.

“I barely got hit too hard and the 19 barely hit him [Bubba] and it just kind of, again it doesn’t take much to really get these cars out of shape when you start bumper tagging. Speaking of which, man, the bumper tag still hurts. I don’t feel anything softer, I know that’s something NASCAR might still be testing is softer bumpers themself. Man, we need it, really bad. Once you start bumper tagging in the corners, your Hans [harness] locks out and you can feel a jar in your head.

“So it’s still pretty abrupt and I talked about how I feel today. I never felt as bad, again, I had both sides knocked off, both bumpers knocked off. I don’t know if mine’s carbon monoxide [related] or what, but … [on the plane] I’m like, I need oxygen and I’m like, I don’t feel well at all. I still right now, I don’t feel good at all.”

Don’t disparage too much, Outsiders. Hamlin did sound in good spirits and said that he was feeling better as the podcast episode went on. Just some minor issues after the race.

Denny Hamlin Joins Others In Talking About Safety

We know that Denny Hamlin isn’t going to hold his tongue. He’s also among a growing group of drivers that have already pointed out that these cars feel the same as last year in wrecks. We haven’t even gotten to Daytona yet!

What NASCAR is hoping is that this was a unique result. The short track made it to where bumping was the only strategy to pass. So, there was a lot of minimal contact, shaking drivers this way and that way.

Bubba Wallace said he felt pain after the race. Then, Kyle Larson mentioned similar sentiments as well. Although he didn’t feel pain in his head, he understood why some drivers were shaken up.

This is just the first episode of Denny Hamlin’s new podcast and we’re getting some good feedback from the driver. This could be a ton of fun as the show continues throughout the season.