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Denny Hamlin Stirs Up Teammate Rivalry Between Austin Dillon, Kyle Busch

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Busch with Austin Dillon Before Clash at Coliseum
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)

Fontana came to a close after Kyle Busch won the Pala Casino 400. Denny Hamlin thinks that Austin Dillon might have some concerns. If he doesn’t have them right now, they might be coming just around the corner, if Hamlin’s assumption is correct.

On his podcast Actions Detrimental, Denny Hamlin breaks down the race weekend every Monday. It’s a nice look into the behind-the-scenes stuff that NASCAR fans love. Hamlin has never been afraid to speak his mind and now has a weekly platform.

He is just asking questions…

“I wonder, I wonder like, where’s [Austin Dillon] at with this?”

As he bounced some thoughts around he started with this.

“Let me just think out loud here, the last four wins at RCR with a two-car team has been your teammate. That teammate has changed, right? You’ve got to think this has gotta be a measuring stick for AD to like… here’s what the team’s capable of, here’s what I need to get out of myself. And surely he’s going to learn some things.”

While Denny Hamlin is forgetting the Daytona 400 win Austin Dillon had at the end of last season to get into the playoffs, he’s not entirely wrong. Dillon has won just one of the last five victories for Richard Childress Racing. And for Dillon, it’s about more than a teammate being better, it’s your family’s team. His grandfather is the RC in RCR!

“He’s putting on a smile,” Hamlin went on. “I see him in the interview. ‘I’m happy for him, I’m happy for him.’ I can tell you… That sh** won’t last long,” Hamlin said. “There’s not one competitor on the race track that is happy that their teammate outruns them. There’s just – you can’t be.”

Always honest on his podcast, Denny Hamlin had more to say.

Denny Hamlin Wants Rowdy Nation to be ‘Grateful’

Another topic that Denny Hamlin covered while discussing Kyle Busch’s win – Rowdy Nation. It was noticeable that Kyle received far fewer boos than usual after winning. His bow before the crowd was welcomed with applause and cheer.

“I think that Kyle Busch fans should be grateful of Joe Gibbs Racing. They got Kyle 50-some of his wins, right? And they provided him with great equipment. But that relationship had just run its course, unfortunately,” Hamlin said.

As far as the next week goes, Hamlin will get back to the shop and prepare for Las Vegas. It is back and forth for these NASCAR teams and drivers. Denny is still hoping to find that first solid result of the season.

Will Denny Hamlin or someone else rain on Kyle Busch’s homecoming race? Or will Rowdy be the one smiling once again in victory lane?