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Denny Hamlin Tells Hilarious Story About Michael Jordan Using iRacing Simulator

by Nick Geddes
Denny Hamlin
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Though he may co-own 23XI racing alongside NASCAR Cup Series driver Denny Hamlin, don’t expect to see Michael Jordan stepping inside a stock car anytime soon.

Asked recently on the “Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin” podcast if he could see the NBA legend getting behind the wheel for a few laps, Hamlin answered with an emphatic no. Jordan apparently tried to use Toyota’s simulator and it ended up being the first one-on-one matchup he’s ever lost.

“Never again,” Hamlin said, via The Comeback. “He did it once, but it was the simulator at TRD. That content has not been released, nor will it probably ever be released because you, good luck trying to get them to approve it. But he wanted to feel what we feel, and so Toyota set it up and our team set it up for him to get in the Toyota simulator. This was a couple years ago, I don’t think it was last year’s…

“So I’m thinking, I said, ‘What kind of track do you want to be on?’ He’s like, ‘I don’t want Daytona it’s just hold her wide open, that’s too easy. Give me something, what’s the next step.’ I’m like,’Alright, let’s go to Charlotte.’ I probably could have picked Las Vegas or something or Michigan probably should have done that, but he didn’t last long. I mean, he did okay, he had a problem holding the car down on the bottom of the track.

“And then it was probably 15 minutes and he says, ‘I’m done,’ A) he was sweating profusely. It was very hot. They had to modify, you would not believe how they had to modify it like the back seat is out of the simulator so to fit his legs in the pedals. He put the helmet on and he’s just like, ‘Man, I just my eyes, I got so dizzy. Like I just started feeling queasy.’ So he had to quit.”

Denny Hamlin Says He Won Big at Las Vegas Casino After Pennzoil 400

Though he came away with an 11th place finish in the Pennzoil 400 Sunday, Hamlin still felt like a winner in Las Vegas. Following the race, Hamlin was ready to have some fun. Turns out the casino he was staying in had a little blackjack tournament.

“Basically the casino invited me to this tournament,” Hamlin said. “I didn’t have to pay anything to enter it, it’s for some of their regular customers. And I guess I qualified for that. I got in this blackjack tournament and made it to the final table. It was $250,000 to win.”

After moving his way up in the tournament, Hamlin and the rest of the finalists agreed they wouldn’t do an all-for-one. They split the pot with the winner taking more.

“Everyone [at the final table] gets 30 grand and the winner gets 100 grand,” Hamlin said. “So, since I made it to the final table [I made 30 grand]. I was thinking I was like, I don’t have anything in this. I’d rather just roll the dice and if I win it, it’s a great story.”