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Denny Hamlin Thinks Kyle Busch Fans Should be ‘Grateful’ For Joe Gibbs Racing

by Jonathan Howard
Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs celebrate
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

After the Pala Casino 400, Denny Hamlin sat down with his cohost Jared and talked about Kyle Busch’s big win at Fontana. “Thank You Fontana” Hamlin titled the fourth edition of Actions Detrimental. He mentioned a lot about Busch in this episode.

This is a great product for race fans to listen to. Hearing Denny Hamlin talk about his real reaction so soon after a race is good for NASCAR and those that watch. But this week he wanted to make a point to Rowdy Nation.

“Kyle Busch won. Boy, I tell ya, the ole fans are having a heyday with the JGR Twitter right now. ‘See we told ya!’ I have to just… People have to understand that Joe Gibbs wanted to sign Kyle Busch [for 2023]. They really tried. And they gave him a very good offer. But he did not want to take it. And ended up taking probably a lot less because he ran out of options at RCR.”

Instead of trolling Joe Gibbs Racing, Denny Hamlin thinks that Busch fans need to be more grateful. After all, didn’t JGR give him the best years of his career?

“I think that Kyle Busch fans should be grateful of Joe Gibbs Racing. They got Kyle 50-some of his wins, right? And they provided him with great equipment. But that relationship had just run its course, unfortunately. They always say that winning makes everything easy, right? It covers up things. And I think when you do win teams are willing to put up with a whole lot of other stuff.”

I’m not sure Rowdy Nation is going to agree with Busch’s former teammate.

Denny Hamlin Not Happy About Fontana’s Future

NASCAR wasn’t ever straightforward with anyone about what was happening with Auto Club Speedway at Fontana. However, a report from Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal shows that NASCAR has already sold all but 89 acres of the land at the famed location.

In reference to his podcast and the rule language NASCAR uses, Denny Hamlin said the news was “Actions Detrimental.” Meaning this is a bad move for the sport itself. Hamlin isn’t alone as most drivers love racing at Fontana.

The last two-mile track will now go away. In its place, there might be a short track put in. The real estate deal is still ongoing as the areas of land are bought up for whatever new development is going in.

NASCAR is losing a legendary track. Hopefully, a replacement is worthy of the name of Fontana. For what it’s worth, Hamlin doesn’t think it is ever coming back.