Denny Hamlin Wants NASCAR to Own Up to ‘Mistakes’ After Driver Meeting at Charlotte

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There has been a lot said about the NASCAR driver’s meeting that went down at Charlotte, and Denny Hamlin is opening up. We have seen time and time again this season that Hamlin isn’t afraid to speak his mind. The Joe Gibbs Racing driver is on Twitter more nowadays.

In response to something that Corey LaJoie said on his Stacking Pennies podcast, Denny Hamlin wanted answers. LaJoie played the role of the company man a little bit during the podcast. He said that he was “really frustrated” after the meeting at Charlotte, but not because of NASCAR.

LaJoie was frustrated with the drivers and teams asking questions that had apparently already been addressed back in June. Hamlin took issue with that.

Denny Hamlin just wants some kind of accountability. It sounds like, from his side of things, NASCAR has just given teams the runaround. Safety concerns have just been compounded by the long-term injuries that both Kurt Busch and now Alex Bowman have suffered.

It isn’t just Hamlin that has been vocal about this, though. There have been comments from Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, and other veterans in the Cup Series. Of course, they might have a little more leeway to speak their minds at this point in their careers.

So, things are still shaky at best with NASCAR and the drivers. There have been rear clip issues, fire issues, and tire issues on these Next Gen cars. Let’s see what can be done to improve this car in the short term and hope for some major changes by 2023.

Denny Hamlin in the Round of 8

For now, Denny Hamlin’s playoff run is still alive and well. He has once again advanced to the Round of 8 and has his eyes set on another Championship 4 appearance. The NASCAR Playoffs have had some ups and downs. However, Hamlin has been consistent for the most part. Heading to Las Vegas, he’s hoping to grab his third career win at the track.

The South Point 400 is going to be interesting. A few drivers in the Cup Series have had a lot of great races in Vegas. Kyle Busch is one of them. He will hope to get a checkered at his home track.

Earlier in the season, Alex Bowman was the one who won this race. However, he will not be racing at any point in the Round of 8. Will Denny Hamlin find himself in victory lane for the first time this postseason?