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Denny Hamlin Wants to ‘Help Out’ Josh Williams After Parking Car on Track in Xfinity Race

by Jonathan Howard
Josh Williams peace sign
(Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This weekend, Josh Williams stole the show in Atlanta when he parked his car on the start/finish line. Denny Hamlin is here to help, though. NASCAR has not said anything officially, but we are all just waiting for them to announce Williams’ fine and penalty. The fans loved what they saw from the driver.

However, no matter how much the fans and others loved the move, NASCAR is likely to punish it. This all happened when the Xfinity Series race went under caution for a long time. Cautions kept building up. It was painful to watch. Denny Hamlin noted as much on his newest episode of Actions Detrimental.

“The beginning of the Xfinity race was a complete s**t show, filled with nothing but cautions. I think NASCAR really got frustrated with that,” Hamlin said about Saturday night’s race.

While under caution, some bear bond tape came off of Williams’ car and “extended the caution.” According to the rulebook, that means the No. 92 had to park it in the garage. Well, he parked it. Right on the start/finish line.

Denny Hamlin watched as the rest of us did online. He saw the driver talk to NASCAR officials after he ditched his car on the track. Hamlin knows a thing about fines, knew Williams would be put in a bad spot, and offered to pay it.

“I have some sympathy for someone like Josh that’s trying to make it in this sport and is actually, I’m hearing more and more about his story about how good of a racecar driver he actually is in the lower ranks and late models and whatnot. It’s like, man, this guy’s really got a story and I want to help out.”

Good guy Denny Hamlin?

Denny Hamlin Understands Josh Williams

In the sport of NASCAR, there are layers. Less so in the Cup Series, but especially in the Xfinity and Truck Series. Denny Hamlin does have some insight into how that works. There are teams that excel each week and win races all the time.

However, there are far more journeymen and others that are just looking for a chance. Those drivers that don’t have family in racing, the ones who are scraping by dollars each week just to get themselves back home.

Josh Williams and the 92 are not a Joe Gibbs Racing car or RCR. The DGM Racing team does things their own way and Williams is trying to take his team to new heights. Last season, Williams got some Cup Series experience with Live Fast Motorsports. He’s got more talent than his team has equipment.

Denny Hamlin is doing a good thing here. Whatever the fine is, it will be taken care of. The DGM team and Josh Williams will keep racing as the national series head to COTA.