Denny Hamlin Would Like to Change NASCAR Championship 4 Format

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

After a good week and a half into the offseason, Denny Hamlin is ready to start doing offseason things, like tweet with fans. The NASCAR driver is one of the most active on the social media platform. Hamlin has been letting the public know what’s on his mind for a long time.

Today, while talking about Brian France, former CEO of NASCAR, Denny Hamlin started a conversation around the Championship 4 format. Of course, when the playoff format was introduced, it caused a rift in the fanbase.

The NASCAR executives saw a chance to make the championship interesting and more like other sports. However, motorsports purists don’t even understand a playoff format for racing.

Denny Hamlin has a way to make the playoffs better, though. I can’t say that I disagree at all.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to have the Round of 16, 12, and 8 have three races each, then switch to a singular race for the Championship 4. Making the final round of the playoffs a three race battle would add more excitement to that battle. This way you could continue the points battle and keep it interesting at the same time.

Denny Hamlin In Full Offseason Mode

For Denny Hamlin, the offseason is in full swing. His tweets on Tuesday were the sign that he is getting into the rest and relaxation period. After a season ends, there isn’t a lot of time for drivers and teams to reset and get ready for the next one. However, the holiday break makes it seem like a bigger break than it really is.

Today’s topics included the former NASCAR CEO Brian France as well as changes to the playoff format. Hamlin has made the Championship 4 multiple times. While he hasn’t been able to win a championship – yet – Hamlin remains committed to the goal.

If it wasn’t for Ross Chastain and his video game move at Martinsville, we might have seen Denny Hamlin in the hunt for the title in Phoenix. That’s not how it went down, though, and the rest is history. In year two of the Next Gen car, how much more will Hamlin improve?