Former Child Star Frankie Muniz has Been Driving Stock Cars and Wants a NASCAR Opportunity

by Jonathan Howard

For Frankie Muniz, life since his stardom as a child has been different. Like, he’s been driving stock cars and wanting a NASCAR shot, different. That’s a long way away from his former career on the small and big screens. However, it might not be all that wild of a move. Muniz has been racing local oval tracks for years.

Could Frankie Muniz join other former actors in the NASCAR ranks? Of course, Paul Newman could drive a damn car. However, the Malcolm in the Middle star knows that he isn’t going to be given anything. Whether it’s ARCA, Trucks, or Xfinity – Muniz wants a shot. He thinks he’s good enough.

The 36-year-old has been racing cars since his early 20s. That’s not a long time when compared to most of the drivers in the Cup Series and even in the lesser series. He’s gotten some West Coast races under his belt in California and other venues. And, while talking on NASCAR Radio on SiriusXM, the actor talked about his aspirations.

“I want to be realistic … Obviously I haven’t done a ton of oval racing, so everywhere I’m gonna go next year is gonna be new. In that same sense, I want to move up quickly,” Muniz said on his path to NASCAR. “I don’t want to throw myself completely off the deep end. I know in ARCA National, the Truck Series – it’s ultra-competitive. It’s not little, local racing, it’s the top level of motorsports.”

When it comes to his ties to NASCAR, Muniz has been a fan for years. He has driven an ARCA car in the past and was able to get it up to around 174 MPH and a sub-52 second lap at Daytona. Muniz also has some booth experience.

Frankie Muniz Wants to ‘Make Sure’ He’s Prepared for NASCAR

Before Frankie Muniz goes and jumps into a NASCAR race – he wants to be prepared. Nothing is more dangerous than a driver on a track that is way over their head. It can be bad for the driver and everyone else that’s racing. So, he knows that he can’t just rush into things.

“I want to make sure that I’m ready. I believe that I am. But it’s all about kind of putting the best deal together with a Truck ride or ARCA ride. I just want to be in a race car, so as much seat time as possible is gonna be key for me the rest of this year and next year just to keep learning and progressing. That is the goal is to be in a Truck or doing ARCA National or both.”

So, Outsiders, do you think we’ll ever see Frankie Muniz in a NASCAR national series?