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Frankie Muniz Gets Docuseries Based Around New NASCAR Career

by Jonathan Howard
Frankie Muniz in the Daytona garage
(Credit: Rette Jones Racing/Athelo Group)

While there are going to be skeptics, Frankie Muniz is very serious about this NASCAR ARCA Series season. He even has a docuseries being made. Now, the former actor is no stranger to being in front of a camera. However, he won’t be playing a part in this. It’s going to just be Frankie being Frankie.

The docuseries is titled Frankie in the Fastlane and is a project in conjunction with NEO Studios. NEO has done other sports features for Discovery+, starring figures such as Dwyane Wade, Evander Holyfield, and more.

Frankie Muniz is not thrill-seeking. He isn’t just dipping his toe into the water. This is a full and earnest effort from the Hollywood star. The thing is, he’s been a wheelman before. While his No. 30 Rette Jones Racing Ford Mustang is different than his Formula BMW experience, he has time behind the wheel.

Frankie Life in the Fastlane could be a very interesting look at an underappreciated series. Stock car racing lives off of grassroots racing. The ARCA Series is just one more step on the road to the three national series. Muniz wants to learn and be competitive, not just along for the ride.

“I’m proud of my past accomplishments and for being remembered as Malcolm, for example. It’s a great feeling to have made an impact on people in that way, but when I’m in that seat, in the car and on the track, I know in my soul that racing as a professional driver is what I was made to do,” he said, via press release.

“I’m excited to partner with a company like NEO Studios that really understands sports and competition programming, and to bring viewers along on this crazy journey and share my love of racing with the world.”

Can Frankie Muniz Compete in NASCAR’s ARCA Series?

It is all up in the air as of right now. No matter what Frankie Muniz says now, people will only judge him based on his performances on the track. There have been a lot of folks that come into stock car racing expecting one thing, and they get a completely different result.

Also, let’s not act like the ARCA Series doesn’t have bona fide racers in it. Last season, drivers like Nick Sanchez and Rajah Caruth battled for top spots in the series. Now, they are seen as two of the most interesting prospects their age. Both are full-time Truck Series drivers this year.

So, what can the 37-year-old Muniz expect? He’s going to have a lot of talented young drivers as well as experienced veterans. Neither one is going to take kindly to a Hollywood guy coming in and shaking things up. But if he can back up his passion with results on the track – things could be very interesting in the ARCA Series.

Frankie Muniz was able to test at Daytona this past week. It appears that everything went well as he went around the historic track.