Hendrick Motorsports Hauler Catches on Fire Ahead of NASCAR Indy Road Course Weekend

by Jonathan Howard

Things got a little hot for one Hendrick Motorsports team today. The NASCAR action isn’t until this weekend, but we had flames early. William Byron and his team had a real scare as they parked the hauler across the street from the track. For whatever reason, things went south fast and they had an incident on their hands before they even knew what was happening.

You never want to have an issue like this leading up to the weekend. However, it feels like things were taken care of fairly easily. There were crews in the process of washing down the haulers, so water must have been nearby.

Hendrick Motorsports Hauler Fire

One of the generators had a malfunction and boom, fire. Check out this video from Fox Sports’ Bob Pockrass.

The team was able to get the fire under control before the fire department showed up. Now, NASCAR is giving William Byron and his team a little leeway. After the fire, the car was taken off of the hauler, and thankfully, there was no damage to the Acronis No. 24 Chevy. It will be stored in the garage for now.

Thanks to quick actions from the Hendrick Motorsports team, we didn’t see the fire engulf the hauler, thankfully. The No. 24 has two wins on the year. While he was better to start the first half of the season, he’s been having some issues since the All-Star race. Perhaps that extra smoky flavor on his car will propel him to victory this weekend?

The Indy road course will provide an opportunity for someone to rise above the field.

William Byron Chimes in on Hauler Fire

The Hendrick Motorsports team and others were able to get the fire handled and for that, Byron is more than thankful. He could have easily lost his car if the fire spread far enough.

“A huge thank you to everyone who helped out with the 24 hauler today including the track, NASCAR, the local fire department, and other team hauler drivers,” Byron said. “Everyone jumped in and helped our team out today and that support means a lot to all of us on the 24 team.”

This is another moment in a long line of moments that have hindered the driver this season. Byron is trying to spark that magic he had earlier this season. If he can get back into form, then he might be a real threat for the NASCAR championship. He’s still young, and there’s time for him to get into that elite tier. For now, he’ll continue to try his best to track down Chase Elliott.

Is there anything else, between pit road, on-track issues, and now a hauler fire that can go wrong for Bryon? It’s hard to imagine that there is. However, if there’s one thing the season has taught us, it’s that we will never be able to predict what will happen next.