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Joey Logano Thinks Nashville Can Host Two NASCAR Cup Series Races

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Today is the official start of NASCAR‘s Champions Week and Joey Logano is more than happy to be in Nashville for the festivities. The 2022 Cup Series champion is very high on Music City. There is a lot to love about the town, but the fact it loves the sport of stock car racing is number one for Logano.

Tonight is going to basically be a big pregame party for the big awards show on Thursday night. A lot of drivers are doing media runs, and as the champion this year, Joey Logano has a ton of interviews and other things to attend to.

Logano talked to The Tennessean about Nashville and why he thinks it can host two Cup Series races a season. One at Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway, a classic track, as well as Nashville Speedway, the newer track that puts on a great race every year.

“There’s football games played in the same location every week or every other week depending on the home team,” Logano said about having the races close to one another. “People still seem to show up for those so I don’t see why that would be an issue.”

Joey Logano sees the potential in Music City.

Joey Logano Thinks Nashville and NASCAR Make Great Pair

Tennessee is home to Bristol Motor Speedway as well. NASCAR does really well in the state and Nashville feels like they have fully embraced the sport. Not to mention, you have a crosssection of other entertainment and culture that is big with a large section of race fans.

Who doesn’t like going to a race and then getting drinks at the closest honky tonk you can find? Nothing like ending the night with a bit of live music, and Nashville offers that and more.

“I always felt like NASCAR and Nashville just kind of go together pretty well,” Logano went on. “There’s country music and NASCAR racing, it just feels like there’s a lot of things that add up around here. We think of the roots of NASCAR and what we are and it just feels like it fits into a Nashville demographic pretty well. I’m excited to see where it goes here in the future.”

We are excited too, Joey.