Kevin Harvick ‘Confused’ After NASCAR Hands Out Penalties to Cole Custer

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Like a lot of NASCAR fans, Kevin Harvick is a little confused by all the Cole Custer penalties and decisions from the governing body. Of course, Harvick himself is still waiting to have his appeal heard from penalties handed down due to the modification of a single-source part.

In the wake of the penalty news, Kevin Harvick took to Twitter and echoed a sentiment that a lot of fans are having. Harvick has been very outspoken lately. It continues today.

“I’m so confused..” he wrote.

Now we can’t speak for Harvick and we won’t attempt to. But there are a few things that this could be alluding to. Perhaps it is just confusion over why the penalties were given out. Many fans have pointed out that at Bristol 2021, Chase Elliott came on the radio and told his team he was going to try and block for teammate Kyle Larson. No penalties were given then.

While that is true, the way NASCAR explains it, Elliott wasn’t ordered by his team to do it. If a driver makes a move on the track of his own volition, fine. But Custer was told by his crew chief he had a flat and to pull up. So, it was a direct order given to change the outcome.

Perhaps Kevin Harvick is confused about why his own appeal hasn’t been heard. Maybe he is confused about why it seems that the Ford group has been hit all season with harsh penalties. This could allude to anything, really.

Stewart-Haas Penalties Piling Up Between Kevin Harvick, Cole Custer

Right now, Stewart-Haas Racing is really feeling some pressure when it comes to penalties. NASCAR has now issued a total of 150 owner points and 150 driver points total between Kevin Harvick and Cole Custer’s penalties. They have also issued $300,000 worth of fines against Custer and the crew chiefs of both the 4 and 41 teams.

Stewart-Haas Racing is going to appeal this Custer ordeal as well. We could get some information as early as Wednesday or Thursday about the Harvick appeal. Since the William Byron appeal was amended, maybe these teams feel they have some leverage or precedent on their side.

I just hope that someone can help Kevin Harvick from being so confused, and the rest of the NASCAR fanbase while we’re at it.