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Kid Rock Celebrates With Trackhouse Racing After Talladega: ‘Best NASCAR Finish Ever’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

This weekend at Talladega, Kid Rock got to see an exciting NASCAR finish as Ross Chastain and Trackhouse Racing took the checkered flag. The 500 at Talladega is always exciting. Those superspeedway races deliver when they need to. There were a couple of notable events on the track. However, seeing Kid at Victory Lane was surprising, to say the least.

If there is a big event in Alabama, it’s safe to say that Kid Rock might show up. Why wouldn’t he be at Talladega? After Chastain took his second win of the season, the singer-songwriter found himself celebrating with the winning driver alongside Trackhouse.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

It looked like the musician was talking it up with Chastain or some of the crew members. He had a Coors Light in his hand and one of his signature hats on. When asked what he thought of the race, he said it was the “best NASCAR finish ever.” He must be a really big fan of that No. 1 car, huh?

Kid Rock is a fan of sports and has been spotted at Alabama football games and other events. So, seeing him at a NASCAR event isn’t too crazy, especially one as big as Talladega. If you’re going to pick a race to go to for a racing experience and a social experience then there’s no better place than the sport’s biggest oval.

Trackhouse is the new team of the year now and has eight top-5 finishes to go along with two wins. Chastain will be in the postseason and is going to have a shot at taking the NASCAR Cup Series title.

Kid Rock Watches as Ross Chastain Wins Second NASCAR Race of the Season

Kid Rock really got a NASCAR experience. Not only did he get to watch the 500, but the finish was unexpected and exciting. I’m not sure it’s the best finish in NASCAR ever like the singer said, but it was not a result many saw coming. For some drivers, like Bubba Wallace and teammate Kurt Busch, things ended in tragedy with both being swept off the track in the final wreck.

Chastain sped to the win and now he has a road course and a superspeedway win to his name. The win could be seen as this or that, but overall, it’s a win. He had to bump his competition out of the way (after being bumped mind you) at COTA and this time, the field bumped itself out of the way.

While drivers hope to have a complete race, a full and successful race, it isn’t always the case. So, sometimes you have to capitalize on others’ mistakes.

Kid Rock got to see all of that NASCAR action and then some. Lucky him.