Kyle Busch ‘Absolutely Devastated’ After Another Engine Failure Leads to NASCAR Playoffs Elimination

by Jonathan Howard

On Saturday night, Bristol Motor Speedway was host to the Round of 16 NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs elimination race. Kyle Busch failed to advance. The Round of 12 is set and that means we are going to have more postseason action shortly. However, we have all of Sunday to reflect on what went down in east Tennessee.

As a two-time Cup Series champion, Kyle Busch was a potential favorite to win the 2022 title. He had two engine failures in the span of three races to start the playoffs. These DNF finishes were ultimately what did the No. 18 in. Busch was unable to make up the points he had lost and was left floundering a bit.

Kyle Busch Details Engine Failure

The engine failure at Bristol was a tough one to swallow. After he rolled into the garage, Kyle Busch talked to the media about how he felt.

“Absolutely devastated. Just unfortunate circumstances obviously, and another engine failure this week,” he said. “Obviously, we’re already in a hole but it puts us in a deeper one. I can’t stress it enough, just how much I feel for my guys and the ones that are out there pouring their souls into this effort and this opportunity for us to go race for championships. It’s not fair to them.

“Hate it for those guys. Rowdy Nation, M&M’s, and Interstate Batteries, we all want better we all should have better and it’s just not coming to us right now.”

The driver was asked about other issues that drivers had, such as Kevin Harvick. Kyle Busch was adamant about the cause. “Our issue is a Toyota issue.”

Here’s the entire video, taken by Matt Weaver of Racing America.

Chris Buescher Takes Bristol

After the qualifying rounds, we knew that the Fords were fast. We also knew that there was a big chance these Toyota guys were going to struggle. It’s just what the times were telling us. So, with Chris Buescher taking the win – it is surprising but not totally.

When the qualifier was over, Aric Almirola had taken the pole. However, Buscher was running almost just as fast. Throughout the race, the No. 17 team put together a good strategy, executed it, and were able to come away with Buscher’s first win in 222 races.

Three playoff races, three spoilers. What awaits in the Round of 12?