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Kyle Busch loses his mind after Ross Chastain brake checks him before Goodyear 400 restart

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Busch Darlington
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

There is just no way for Ross Chastain to please Kyle Busch. This time, the Melon Man almost brake checked Rowdy before a restart. Folks have been joking for weeks if not months, that Chastain has wrecked everyone but the NASCAR pace car. Well, he just about checked that one off of his list.

Maybe he just doesn’t pay attention, maybe he likes to talk to his crew on the radio during caution laps. Whatever it is, Chastain was not focused. At least from Kyle Busch’s point of view. Wild Thing about lost his entire mind on the radio after what Chastain did.

Busch hopped on his radio to tell his crew that Chastain slammed on his brakes while waiting on the pace car. I’m not sure how often that happens, but it seems like something that shouldn’t happen. That caused Busch to almost rear-end the No. 1 Chevy.

“He’s such an idiot. Holy sh**,” Busch said to his team according to Jeff Gluck of The Athletic.

When you get a driver heated up like Kyle Busch was, it can be tough to calm them down. They don’t give you the nickname of Rowdy for no reason. Knowing that he was running a little hot, Busch’s team gave him some advice.

“No matter what you do here, don’t let him good you into doing stupid sh**.”

Ross Chastain just kept leading laps. Like usual, the Melon Man didn’t really have anything bad go down. He just kept moving along and smiling, I’m sure. Of course, it wasn’t Chastain’s first incident on the day.

Kyle Busch looking for something more

After the race did restart, Kyle Busch was driving hard. However, Ross Chastain had that clean air and his No. 1 Worldwide Express Chevy was FAST. What Busch was able to do is hang in there for a long run and stay in the top-5.

It is clear that Busch is going to need an adjustment or something to compete with the leaders. Getting that adjustment might not happen. Darlington is hard to figure out and major changes in the final stage might just cause more issues.

No matter what, Kyle Busch is going to race hard and go for that win if he can even sniff the lead. He’s going to have to fight off Chastain and others in order to do it. With two wins already this year, Busch can race with a little recklessness.

These last 30 laps or so are going to be major for all of these drivers.