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Kyle Busch Thinks NASCAR ‘Etiquette’ is Gone Among Drivers in the Garage

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Busch poses for production days
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

For Kyle Busch, things just aren’t the same in the NASCAR garage as they used to be. The times have changed and so have the drivers. Rowdy is one of the last drivers that connect the old style with the new. But it is clear that he misses the old days.

You hear it most often from guys like Tony Stewart. There used to be a set of rules that drivers abided by. Things that were allowed and not allowed. You also knew when you were in store for a fistfight afterward. At least that’s how Kyle Busch put it.

“We have completely lost any sense of respect in the garage area between drivers,” Busch said to the media. “At all. That’s what… That’s where the problem lies, is nobody gives two shits about anybody else. It’s just a problem where everybody takes advantage of everybody as much as they can. we’re all selfish, granted. But there was an etiquette that once did live here. Mark [Martin] started it. I think Tony [Stewart] really lived by it. Jeff [Gordon] lived by it. Bobby Labonte. Rusty [Wallace] for the most part. Dale Jarrett for sure. So, it did exist. That’s gone.”

Check out all of Busch’s comments below courtesy of Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports.

So, we know how Kyle Busch feels about the Denny Hamlin situation and other incidents like it. But the etiquette and style of yesteryear are not likely to come back.

Kyle Busch Loses Car Chief in Atlanta

Due to failing tech twice, Kyle Busch is going to be short-handed this weekend. Things are not going to be easy as his car chief is out. So, whatever adjustments that his team makes will have to be on the shoulders of someone else.

This started because Kyle Busch was unable to pass tech inspection. Then, he was unable to pass a second time. That is automatically a crew member ejection. The No. 8 RCR team got the car ready for the third time through, avoiding a pass-through lap to start Sunday’s race.

With this being a drafting track, it shouldn’t be too much of a worry. Getting the car prepared to go 400 miles is the biggest thing. Kyle Busch wasn’t great in qualifying and failed to make the final round in the top 10.

While the weekend hasn’t gone well so far, Rowdy likely has a trick or two up his sleeve. It’s hard to count him out after his performances early this season.