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Kyle Larson ‘Not Concerned’ After NASCAR Takes Hendrick Louvers For Further Inspection

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Larson climbs in his car at Phoenix
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Despite NASCAR taking all the louvers from all four Hendrick Motorsports cars, Kyle Larson says that he’s “not concerned.” Louvers are those vents on the hood that help the radiator kick air out and stay cool. Officials sent the Hendrick parts to the Research & Development Center.

We will not have any news until next week about these louvers. For now, Kyle Larson isn’t going to worry too much about it. He’s worried about getting the job done this weekend and worrying about what may come later.

Larson even joked that he didn’t know what louvers are. Some drivers don’t as much about cars as their predecessors. But the Hendrick driver knows more than he lets on here.

“I don’t know anything about a race car anyway, so I had to ask what a louver was. Joking, a little bit there. But yeah you worry about potential penalties I guess. I don’t really know what was wrong with them. That’s not part of my job is to worry about that. Yeah, we’ll see how next week goes I guess.”

As far as any change for this weekend, Kyle Larson won’t sweat it.

“I’m just basing off of what my crew chief kinda talks about and no. We are not concerned at all.”

This is a tough position for Larson and his team. They were the fastest in practice. So, they will try to keep it going and get into a position to win again.

Kyle Larson Hopes Late Cautions Don’t Ruin Another Race

If Kyle Larson is able to pull off a solid race, he should be competing for the win. He was last week in Las Vegas when a late caution throw everything out of whack. Late out of the pit, Larson’s finish suffered and he had to settle for P2.

It helps that his teammate that led for 176 laps won the race. However, William Byron and Larson both know that means very little. The No. 5 will try to put his car in a position to win and if he has to race a teammate hard, he will.

With the news about the louvers, Kyle Larson and the rest of the Hendrick drivers are going to be faced with a tough challenge. Keeping your head on straight while NASCAR takes your parts and inspects every inch of them is tough.

If they get the same punishment as Brad Keselowski, it could end up hindering four teams with -100 points taken away. That’s about three races worth of points for most drivers. If that happens, then I’m sure that Larson will start to worry.