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Kyle Larson ‘Pissed Off’ After Second Straight Loss to Teammate William Byron

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Larson in Phoenix garage
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Another week and another race where overtime gets the better of Kyle Larson. He once again watched his NASCAR teammate William Byron celebrate victory. This has been a really good start to the year for Hendrick Motorsports. But Larson is about over it.

In fact, Kyle Larson said that he was “pissed off” after the race. There can be teammate rivalries in NASCAR. We have seen this in the past before. However, this seems more like frustration with how a race plays out rather than a personal battle.

Still, Larson is not going to be happy as he walks away from another race he dominated without a trophy in his hands.

“Well, we got lucky with the one caution. Team made the great call to take two, get us out in the lead. Restarts were just tough. I felt like I ran William up really high and I expected him to lose some grip but he did a really good job of holding it to my outside and clearing me down the back.

“Yeah, I’m pissed off. Great fight by the team. Great car. Way better than we were here last year. It’s a long season but hopefully, we’re in the [Championship 4] when we come back here in November and have a run similar to that with speed and try to just execute a little bit better at the end.”

Kyle Larson is clearly having some good races this season. However, it feels like he is getting those wins snatched from his hands just as he is about to grab them. As far as Hendrick is concerned, this is just the cost of doing business. At least that win is coming home to their shop.

Kyle Larson Will Try to Win at Atlanta

The crazy thing is, we could be seeing a three-win streak for William Byron. Atlanta is next Sunday and that is where Byron won his first race of the season last year. So, he is likely looking at that venue with wide eyes.

The good (and bad) news for Kyle Larson is that Atlanta is more of a superspeedway now. Pack racing with fast top speeds and a potential for disaster at any moment. Things won’t be as spread out as they were the last two weeks at Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Still, you have to think that Hendrick is just going to bring another strong group of cars. We will have to see if anything happens with this louver controversy. But for right now, Hendrick and Kyle Larson are running fast races and hoping to finish one out here soon.

Byron over Larson again. Who knows when the tables will turn?