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Kyle Larson and Wife Katelyn Announce Birth of Third Child

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Larson and wife Katelyn
(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Before the New Year could turn to 2023, Kyle Larson and his wife Katelyn welcomed their third child. The NASCAR Cup Series Champion has a lot to be happy about. Now, Audrey Layne and Owen Miyata have a little brother.

Katelyn made the announcement on New Year’s Day. Cooper Donald Larson was born on New Year’s Eve, 12-31-2022. Just couldn’t wait for the ball to drop, I guess.

Another addition to the Larson family, Katelyn and Kyle are so happy to welcome Cooper into the world. Cooper’s older siblings are already very excited to have their new little brother home.

As some fans pointed out, Coop Larson does sound like a great racing name. The Larson kids are all separated by about four years or so. Owen was born in 2014, Audry in 2018, and Cooper made it under the wire to be born in 2022.

When next season rolls around and Kyle Larson inevitably wins a race, how is he going to fit everyone in Victory Lane? The Larson family is going to be rolling deep in a few years with the whole crew in tow.

Kyle Larson Preparing For 2023 Season

Even with all of the kids at home, Kyle Larson keeps busy during the offseason. I’m sure his January is not going to be as busy on the track, but he’ll be racing around his house taking care of the newborn and his wife.

However, Larson doesn’t stop racing. Like ever. Even during the NASCAR season, he tries to pick up as many extra races as he can get himself into. Of course, he loves the World of Outlaws series and slinging dirt in that circuit, and he still has some NASCAR duties.

Kyle Larson raced a local Thanksgiving series back in 2022. He was a late entry and surprised a lot of people. However, it is a race that he’s participated in many times in the past.

Then, the last time that Larson was spotted out and about was with the NASCAR team in Los Angeles. The Hendrick Motorsports driver helped break ground where they are building the quarter-mile race track at the L.A. Coliseum.

I don’t think we’ll see him much until the day of the Busch Light Clash.

Congratulations to Kyle and Katelyn Larson!