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Kyle Larson Wins Pole Award For United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix Raceway

by Jonathan Howard
Kyle Larson wins pole award at Phoenix
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Even if Hendrick Motorsports has some drama going on this weekend, Kyle Larson is going to sit on the pole for Phoenix. Starting off the United Rentals Work United 500 at the front is going to be massive. Larson was top in NASCAR Cup practice and showed that he was fast in qualifying.

Not only did Kyle Larson top the final qualifying session, he had the fastest lap time of the first two groups combined. He was in Group B and was able to throw down a 27.324-second lap. Then, in the final qualifying session he edged out Denny Hamlin.

The fall-off between the first and second laps for each driver was pretty substantial. It took just a 27.642-second lap to get the pole.

Kyle Larson did not pay much attention to the louvers that NASCAR took from Hendrick Motorsports. That will be something to worry about in the week to come if officials find anything wrong with the parts.

Denny Hamlin gets to sit on the front row. That’s major for Toyota as they keep looking for ways to improve. This should go a long way to helping not just Hamlin but the other Toyota drivers on Sunday.

Kyle Larson Dismisses Hendrick Motorsports Louver News

There was something that NASCAR saw with the louvers, the vents on the hood of the car, that made them question it. Those parts will be further inspected back in Charlotte. Ahead of qualifying, Kyle Larson downplayed the impact of the news.

“I’m just basing off of what my crew chief kinda talks about and no. We are not concerned at all,” Larson said. That might change after this weekend is over if penalties are handed out.

This isn’t just one team that could be impacted. All four cars for Hendrick could end up taking a hit if things turn out for the worst. Imagine Chase Elliott taking a 100-point penalty without being in the car.

For now, Kyle Larson will focus on winning this race on Sunday. So, don’t expect him to give much attention to the louvers.