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LOOK: Corey LaJoie Bringing ‘Joy’ to Childhood Cancer Patients With Fontana Sponsor

by Jonathan Howard
Corey LaJoie looks on during qualifying
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

This week, Fontana means a little bit more for Corey LaJoie. With his sponsor, Corey is bringing some “joy” to childhood cancer patients. Spire Motorsports is a small NASCAR team that relies on sponsors each week. A generous donor made this one possible.

With the Jessie Rees Foundation and their Never Ever Give Up motto, Corey Lajoie is helping brighten some lives. The foundation puts together “JoyJars” that can be given to kids. They feature games and toys and other things that are age-appropriate for kids up to the age of 19 fighting cancer.

LaJoie stopped by Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital on Thursday. He met a lot of great kids that are fighting some tough battles right now.

During his visit to the hospital, Corey LaJoie was able to congratulate a young NASCAR fan. Eli Thompson went through his last chemotherapy treatment and is going home cancer-free.

“Childhood cancer affects too many families today, and we need to do everything we can to support and lift these kids and their families,” the driver said via the hospital.

He has a paint scheme just for this race as well and it’s a really great-looking car. I hope folks buy a bunch of diecasts of this one.

Corey LaJoie Happy to Help

The one thing about Corey LaJoie is that he doesn’t have an ego. He can’t in his position. He’s a driver that is far more talented than his results show. But, he insists on working and grinding it out with a small team like Spire. There’s a reason why he’s so respected by his peers, though.

This latest move with the Jessi Rees Foundation is just the most recent example.

“You go in feeling like you’re going to make those kids’ day, you’re going to bring them a JoyJar and talk to them for a few minutes, but those kids made my day just as much,” LaJoie said of the experience. “To see how much the little boys and girls are not giving up and continue to fight each and every day, it gets you emotional, and you leave with a different perspective.”

The Pala Casino 400 is going to be a lot of fun. This is a really awesome track. There is going to be a lot of great racing when we get to Sunday. In the meantime, Corey LaJoie is going to just keep doing what he does best – being himself. It’s worked so far and it seems to be working now.

This is a seriously cool move from LaJoie and Spire Motorsports.