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LOOK: Darrell Waltrip Gifts Dale Earnhardt Jr. Classic No. 88 Gatorade Chevy Nova

by Jonathan Howard
Dale Earnhardt Jr. before late model race
(Photo by David Jensen/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Okay, this is one of the coolest things you’re going to see all day. Darrell Waltrip gifted Dale Earnhardt Jr. a classic Gatorade No. 88 Chevy Nova. You heard that right! One of Waltrip’s most iconic schemes, and one of the most iconic ever in NASCAR, and Dale Jr. now owns it.

Of course, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the unofficial historian of NASCAR. His graveyard and his personal collection prove as much. Not to mention his off-the-cuff knowledge and love for local short tracks.

Now, right next to the blue and yellow Goodwrench car that his father Dale Sr. drove, Waltrip’s No. 88 Gatorade car will sit. It appears to be the old Sportsman Division car, which kinda makes it cooler than if it had been a Cup car.

As far as this Kentuckian is concerned, the Waltrip family is racing royalty and this car in particular is just too nice. Darrell Waltrip drove that Gatorade scheme all over the place and recorded some pretty amazing moments with it, and I’m underselling it so we won’t be here all day talking about his accomplishments.

When it comes to preserving history and making efforts to expand the sport, none do it better than Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Preparing For CARS Late Model Season

Like I said earlier, Dale Jr. is the historian of NASCAR. That means that he not only advocates for the sport at the highest level, but he’s also trying to inject some life at the local level as well. There are still racing communities across the country that just need attention.

With the CARS Tour starting up another season, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will have the responsibility of being an owner. Late Model, short-track racing is the lifeblood of stock car racing. Plain and simple. What Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick and Justin Marks and others are doing is helping the sport grow and thrive.

Just look at the star power in Late Model races right now. Of course, Earnhardt and Harvick will get some races in. However, we are also going to see guys like Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson compete on the dirt in Late Models. It isn’t CARS Tour racing, but it is something.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will continue building his personal NASCAR museum and continue preserving the history of the sport for as long as he can.