LOOK: Kurt Busch Watches NASCAR Action From Above Phoenix Raceway

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

As NASCAR Championship Weekend is underway, Kurt Busch is watching the action from far above Phoenix Raceway. There is a special seat that fans will be able to pay to use at the track. It suspends you with a few other folks, all strapped into racing seats and then suspended far above the raceway.

The seats are not just the best look at all the action going on, it comes with drinks and food as well. Fans, and Kurt Busch, can stay up above Phoenix Raceway for up to 30 minutes. This is something new coming to the championship weekend that looks interesting at the very least.

What do you think about these seats, Outsiders?

Race fans are going to be in for a great weekend. It’s clear that Phoenix Raceway has the amenities and extras that will keep spectators engaged. They will be hoping to see the action on the track match the hype and hoopla surrounding the Championship 4.

Seeing Kurt Busch at the track is great. It’s a shame that he couldn’t race in these playoffs. That’s not how he saw his last hoorah going down I’m sure when he signed on with 23XI Racing. However, he is still planning on remaining active with the team and helping them do everything they can to succeed.

No matter what, you know that Kurt is going to make sure he gets his sponsor included. He might not be on the track racing but that doesn’t mean that Monster Energy has to go without a plug.

Kurt Busch Moving Onto Next Chapter

The concussion issue made the end of this season hard on Kurt Busch. Not being able to compete and finish things how he wanted to, with a playoff run, had to be difficult. Throughout his career, he has solidified his legacy as one of the sports icons for his generation.

When 23XI and Busch announced he was stepping away from the sport full-time, it wasn’t a shock, but it was still a big moment. This is the end of one generation of drivers and the beginning of another. At such a pivotal time in the sport’s history, his departure is one of a few that will be hard on fans to take.

Kurt Busch will try to guide Ty Gibbs and Bubba Wallace as best he can at Phoenix this weekend. His role with the team has changed, but he’s still an important piece in all of this. Let’s see if he can help the team end on a high note.