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LOOK: NASCAR Champ Joey Logano Swaps Autographs With Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Nashville and NASCAR go hand-in-hand. Joey Logano stopped by the Tennessee Titans practice recently and hooked up with Derrick Henry. Of course, he met with a lot of the Titans stars. When racing comes to Music City, you get some great crossovers like this.

We have seen jersey swaps between NFL players in the past. However, Joey Logano and Derrick Henry took a different approach on Wednesday. Logano popped in during practice and he had two things – a racing helmet and a No. 22 jersey. He signed the helmet and in return, was able to get a signature from Henry.

The jersey had Logano’s name on the back of it, and the 22 was more about celebrating the year of his championship, but it is a nice coincidence that it matches up with Henry’s jersey number.

In their last game out, the Titans fell to the Bengals. However, with a 7-4 record and a monster running back, the season is very much alive. As for Logano, he’s just enjoying the sights and sounds of Nashville during the offseason. He will officially be crowned the 2022 Cup Series champion on Thursday night at the NASCAR Awards.

It looks like Joey Logano had a few gifts to hand out while he was there. That’s what happens when NASCAR and Nashville come together.

Joey Logano Thinks Nashville and NASCAR ‘Go Together’

Wednesday also included a mess of media hits for a lot of NASCAR drivers. As the Cup Series champion, Logano had a lot to take care of. Being in Music City, the Team Penske driver reflected on NASCAR’s relationship with the city.

“I always felt like NASCAR and Nashville just kind of go together pretty well,” he said. “There’s country music and NASCAR racing, it just feels like there’s a lot of things that add up around here. We think of the roots of NASCAR and what we are and it just feels like it fits into a Nashville demographic pretty well. I’m excited to see where it goes here in the future.”

The future looks bright with regard to NASCAR in Nashville. Let’s hope we see more innovative and interesting events held in the city.