Luke Combs Calls the Daytona 500 the ‘Super Bowl of NASCAR’

by Jonathan Howard

Country music superstar Luke Combs was spotted at the Daytona 500 earlier today and he was chatting it up with fans.

Right now is a big time in Combs’ life. He is just coming off yet another big year of touring, heading into another, and has a baby on the way this Spring. Things have been good for the North Carolina native. He played a prerace show before the 500 today. If you could be anywhere in the world today, why wouldn’t it be at the International Speedway?

While he was talking with some folks about Daytona and the atmosphere of it all, someone caught a bit on video. Check it out below and see for yourself.

“It’s very music festival-y. In the infield at least. It’s the best. … This is only my second time [at Daytona], I’ve never been [to] the 500 before, [it’s] something I’ve always wanted to go to,” Combs said. “It’s the Super Bowl of NASCAR, for sure.”

Combs went on to say, “Charlotte motor speedway is my favorite, just nostalgia factor.” He’s North Carolina through and through, that’s for sure.

During his performance at Daytona today, Combs was happy to be back at the venue and back playing again. This is a huge event and the fact he’s getting gigs like this and NFL Thanksgiving halftime shows is just unreal when you consider where he was five years ago. Since 2018, he has been the biggest mainstream star in the genre.

“So [coming to the Daytona 500] was something that I was adamant about wanting to do,” Combs said about playing. “And thankfully they had us back. Guess we did a good enough job last year to get invited back.”

Something tells me this won’t be his last visit.

Luke Combs Watched As Austin Cindric Wins in Rookie Year

If you want to make a good case for Rookie of the Year, winning the Daytona 500 is a pretty good argument. Luke Combs was in attendance as the rookie, Austin Cindric won. This was a great race and NASCAR fans should be excited that the Next Gen era is here and seems to be off to a great start.

When you see that the rookie won, it is surprising unless you kept up during the race. He remained cool and calm amid some bad wrecks and came out with minimal issues. He could have let the pressure get to him, spin out, or done any number of things. Instead, he had the composure of a veteran driver and took the win. Don’t forget, this guy won the Xfinity series just two years ago.

Luke Combs came out to a good one in Daytona. I have a feeling that folks will be talking about Cindric’s rookie win at Daytona for a long time.